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What Are The Features And Advantages Of Going Vintage For Your Kitchen?

  People often have various notions about being vintage in terms of their homes. Many of them don’t understand it at all. The passion for old things used things, and things having a history – is what you may call vintage. Antique, pre-owned, vintage, histori... READ MORE

Tips for restoring vintage cabinets without spending a lot

Vintage cabinets are not like modern ones. They look great in a refurbished kitchen. Finding such units is not an easy task. The task is expensive as well. Even if you find them, you have to restore them. Though it is a fun project, it is time-consuming. So, you need to afford a good chunk of time t... READ MORE

Introducing Vintage Cabinet and Taking Care of The Periodic Furniture

Don’t you think it’s a huge challenging task to incorporate a kitchen cabinet into an old looking house? Today’s design experts don’t just work around contemporary themes. Their domain of operation also includes traditional constructions. With this in mind woodcraft companies are coming up w... READ MORE

Bringing in The Beauty of Retro Style by Embracing on Vintage Kitchen Cabinets

Your kitchen should showcase oodles of eclectic sense which seems obviously achievable when you are too much in love with the space. Although you might be familiar with contemporary kitchen ideas, what you must have rarely come across is a beautiful kitchen with a worn out charm. In other words, a v... READ MORE

How to Make Your Kitchen Look Like A Vintage One?

Rather than modernizing your existing kitchen, better you vintagize it. Returning the kitchen to its retro look doesn’t require you to remodel the same. It doesn’t require you to emulate your grandma’s old fashion either. Just a few additions can do the wonder and your kitchen will look kitsch... READ MORE

How To Properly Take Care Of The Vintage Cabinet Installed In Your Kitchen

Most people take care of three key items in their kitchen as it comes to cleaning them. Those are counters, sink, and floors. But people often overlook their cabinets. These also need regular attention, especially the doors of the vintage cabinet. Even the tiny ... READ MORE

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