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How To Properly Take Care Of The Vintage Cabinet Installed In Your Kitchen

Most people take care of three key items in their kitchen as it comes to cleaning them. Those are counters, sink, and floors. But people often overlook their cabinets. These also need regular attention, especially the doors of the vintage cabinet. Even the tiny droplets of food splatter, grease or steam can settle on them and eventually attract and allow dust to sit on them. This may lead to a dull, streaked, or dingy surface. Do you want this for your kitchen? Well, if you don’t, here are some effective tips that you may follow.

vintage kitchen cabinets

Tips to take care of kitchen cabinets

Though tedious, kitchen cleaning isn’t tough. You don’t need to use any smelly or toxic chemicals to clean it. This is even more applicable to vintage kitchen cabinets. A few household items can do the miracle. Just don’t apply any overzealous approach. Otherwise, you may damage its finish.

  • Use a homemade gentle cleaning solution – Avoid any abrasive cleaner or scrubbing brush to clean the cabinet. It can damage the paint. Mix one part of gentle dishwashing detergent with two parts lukewarm water. You may also add the same amount of vinegar instead of dishwashing detergent to the hot water. Hot water softens grease so you can easily wipe it away. Pour the mixture in a spray bottom and you’re set to clean.
  • Avoid soaking the cabinet – Don’t directly spray the solution onto the cabinet. Rather spray it onto a soft rug to make it damp. Avoid drenching it as this may damage the finish of the cabinet. Now wipe the doors of the cabinet throughout. Be careful about the areas where dust or grease tends to accumulate. Accumulation of grease may result in the growth of mold.
  • Use an old toothbrush for the tight spots – If your vintage white cabinets feature deep grooves, the rag can’t access those places. You can use your old toothbrush for those hard-to-reach areas. Dip the brush into the solution and gently scrub those spots including cabinet knobs and handles.

Taking care of vintage kitchen cabinets is simple. Only a few household items can be used to keep the cabinet clean and maintained.

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