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Introducing Vintage Cabinet and Taking Care of The Periodic Furniture

Don’t you think it’s a huge challenging task to incorporate a kitchen cabinet into an old looking house? Today’s design experts don’t just work around contemporary themes. Their domain of operation also includes traditional constructions. With this in mind woodcraft companies are coming up with vintage kitchen cabinets chiefly in white colour. While some homeowners adopt vintage white cabinets in order to comply with an existing vintage design, others simply like to adopt the periodic looks for adding a timeless appeal to the space.

Taking care of vintage cabinets

When you are introducing vintage cabinets it’s most important to take care of the furniture lest they will get damaged easily. Here are tips how you can restore the furniture:

Applying wax on furniture

Antique furniture demands special treatment. The most important thing to do is preserving their original looks. This can be achieved by applying wax finish. The wax coating allows easy cleaning of old dirt while it makes the furniture look attractive. Some of the issues which need to be treated are dullness, smudging and streaks. The best way to do is using a soft and moist cloth. Cleaning antique furniture is most important in order to retain their looks and functionality.

vintage white cabinets

Taking care of your vintage white furniture

The process is simple. All you will need is a soft piece of cloth and create a solution with a teaspoonful of borax, a couple of tablespoonful of vinegar, 1/4th cup full of dishwasher and a half cup of hot water. Now add some essential oil. Dip and squeeze the cloth until it seems almost dry. Now, rub the vintage white cabinets with the cloth following a circular motion.

Remember old wooden furniture pieces are precious. All they need is a little care. Vintage furniture is nothing but sheer gorgeousness suppressed by use and age. These old cabinets demand removing of old paint for a complete finishing.


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