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How to Make Your Kitchen Look Like A Vintage One?

Rather than modernizing your existing kitchen, better you vintagize it. Returning the kitchen to its retro look doesn’t require you to remodel the same. It doesn’t require you to emulate your grandma’s old fashion either. Just a few additions can do the wonder and your kitchen will look kitschy cute, not old-fashioned. By reusing the items from the past and tweaking those you already own, you can give your kitchen a retro look.

Tips to give your kitchen a vintage look

Here are some inexpensive ways to get the cooking space on its way to flaunt some cute vintage style, even without remodeling.

  • Opt for open storage – If the kitchen already has glass-front cabinets or open shelving, you’re lucky. Use them thoroughly to get vintage-advantage. Display vintage kitchen items artfully to add a touch of history. You can also display the cups, saucers, plates, cake stands, bowls, teapots, mason jars in an interesting way. But if any of the items that you own look better in closed storage, keep them there. Look for vintage housewares from the nearby thrift stores, auction houses, or garage sales. They are cheap as well.
  • Vintage cabinets are great – If you have more budget, a vintage cabinet would be a great way to give the kitchen a retro style. You can find used cabinets in the thrift stores or at the garage sales. Take advantage of them. Otherwise, just mount a few shelves on the open wall space of the kitchen. This can also help you go back to the past.

  • Cheery colors are eye-catchy – Choose enticing color combos to transform the cooking area. Again, head to the local thrift store and check the towels, and tablecloths for getting color scheme ideas. A combination of bright red and blue or a combination of pastel colors is a good choice.

As it comes to give your kitchen a retro look, go for vintage kitchen cabinets. But if your budget doesn’t permit, try some other tricks like opting for open storage or choosing cheery colors.

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