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One Stop Shop For Full Kitchen Sets

Full Kitchen is very popular within our modern society. We have 8 attractive designs of Full Kitchen Cabinet sets available with a very short notice period. As the leading suppliers of wholesale kitchen sets in Minneapolis, USA we can provide 1-10 units with ease. So, if you are looking to remodel your kitchen or you are a property developer planning to overhaul an apartment block, we have the right Kitchen sets that you need.

As our name suggests, we are one of the leading manufacturer and importer of high quality Kitchen Cabinets and RTA Kitchen. We have been providing Full Kitchen and Kitchen Cabinets to numerous consumers, retailers and property developers over the years. Excellent customer service with comprehensive warranty has given us many customers.

For DIY lovers, our RTA Full kitchen set is really easy to assemble. Thoughtful design and high quality material will please your DIY thirst and most importantly will transform your home and increase its value. All of our kitchen designs are clean and elegant. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call us and we will assist you throughout. Our Full kitchen prices are starting from $1799!

FREE Computerized Full kitchen Design

We are really pleased to offer you a completely free computerized design for your full kitchen set. No Commitment or pressure. Just let us know about your dream kitchen and we will start working on it. You will receive a digital copy of your dream Full kitchen for your consideration. Please start with our guide on ‘How to Measure’ and contact us. If you are a local customer feel free to walk in.

Wholesale Full Kitchen

If you are a wholesaler or a developer requires more than one Full kitchen unit please contact us. We have the right kitchen and kitchen cabinets for you at a very competitive price. As mentioned earlier, we do provide these sets to many reputable wholesalers and developers and they are returning customers!

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