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What Are The Features And Advantages Of Going Vintage For Your Kitchen?


People often have various notions about being vintage in terms of their homes. Many of them don’t understand it at all. The passion for old things used things, and things having a history – is what you may call vintage. Antique, pre-owned, vintage, historic – these terms have the more or less same significance. Goods that are restored, kept, rearranged, or fixed up may define the term vintage to some extent. In this era of over consumption,why don’t you think about things that are not new? You can take a break from going new, everywhere. That would be a good choice rather.

Giving new life to the old treasures and heirlooms is actually a very contemporary idea. And many homeowners, today, adopt this idea in their homes including the kitchens. The use of a vintage cabinet is very much in vogue.

vintage cabinet

Why vintage is now new

While thinking about antiques, people think about their homes, car, furniture, and even clothing. If you consider clothing, for instance, vintage is a reboot. You will find fast-consumer-clothes in bulk in the market. This makes people love the significance of well-made clothes. Vintage clothing is made with detail and delicate care. They stand the test of time. The same goes for the home, furniture, cars, clock and so on. There is a big market throughout the world for old antique furniture. In fact, the old furniture has made a commendable comeback in the last couple of decades. This is how vintage kitchen cabinets have made a strong revival.

It’s about the characteristics

Vintage or antique is not limited to consumer goods only. The passion for property also divides people between contemporary and traditional. The key perk of being contemporary is that the property’s layout conforms to new demands like air-conditioning and modern fittings.  But they often lack character. A modern house and its belongings grow into its character by the occupants. The same goes for the kitchen as well. Its characteristics depend on the personal choice of the user. But a vintage kitchen will have its own unique and instant characters. Modern walnut cabinets might not be a good choice for a vintage cooking room. Large windows, delicate designs, high ceilings might not complement a modern kitchen unit. But a vintage one will perfectly complement the interior.


Mix and match is always a good idea. If you can install modern fittings in your vintage home with all vintage details and features in the proper manner, that would be great. However, not every homeowner can manage this idea. If one can, that would be the best combination ever. Mixing things that you love with what you require is what every individual should consider while renovating their existing home or buying a new one. Walnut kitchen cabinets, for instance, would go well with your colonial-style kitchen if being positioned properly.

vintage cabinets

Some vintage ideas that shouldn’t be abandoned

  • Stove with storage

    Usually, such stoves come with storage compartments and a cozy appearance. It gives a homey vibe. They are perfectly suitable for hosting a party. With the stove, you can make several items at various temperatures while keeping other items warm.

  • Breakfast nooks

    Starting your day sitting on a cozy bench with a cup of hot coffee is extremely exciting. And this idea explains the popularity and significance of breakfast books. Though, due to space limitations, it might not be possible always to include breakfast nooks in the kitchen.But adding intimate small seats can be a good idea to have your morning meal.

  • Farmhouse sinks

    The sinks hark back to the era when water was hauled to the kitchen from well or springs. They are a good addition to a vintage kitchen not only because of their rustic vibe but also for their functionalities. The deep bowl of the fitting is perfect for washing large utensils.

If you’re on the way to building a new kitchen or remodeling the existing one, the ideas above would help you.


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