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Types Of the Kitchen That Are Suitable for Shaker Style Cabinets


The kitchen is the heart of a home. When it comes to a gathering, you cook meals for the guests, spend time and chat sitting in the kitchen and make memories. Though functionalities of the kitchen come first, making it a beautiful space is worth it as well.

Shaker kitchen cabinets are considered to be a reasonably priced and simple upgrade to introduce life into your dream kitchen. This is a minimalistic and easy upgrade. But this can make a great difference in the overall appearance of the cooking space. Now the question is which kinds of a kitchen are ideal for having shaker cabinets. To determine that you need to understand the fundamentals of shaker cabinets.

kitchens right for shaker style cabinets

Basics of shaker cabinets

Shaker cabinets were introduced by the Shaker community during the 19th century. The furniture was meant for artistic development, right utility, and ease of use. And thusthe Shaker cabinets were born. They come in a simple and neat style. Modern units can be plain or featured with hardware. The cabinetry is eternal and practical.

Kinds of kitchens right for shaker style cabinets

One of the key reasons behind the popularity of these cabinet units is their versatility. Usually, it doesn’t need to have any particular kitchen style to fit the shaker doors. Whatever kitchen designs you have in mind, this style helps to achieve your personal goals. Still, they look especially beautiful while being more functional in farmhouse kitchens, traditional kitchens, and contemporary kitchens.

  • Farmhouse kitchens – This style typically features color themes of beige and white along with light tile and natural wood accents. It gives a fresh look that has been quite popular in recent times. Elegant white shaker cabinets go well in such kitchens due to their minimalistic appearance. Farmhouse kitchens look even more gorgeous with dark hardware on the cabinet doors and drawers. Open shelving also goes well with these units. You may use a frosted or a clear glass panel in the upper doors to add a classy look while giving a homey feel.Farmhouse kitchens cabinet
  • Traditional kitchens–You can hardly go wrong with a traditional kitchen. The heart of your home must retain the style for decades without frequent changes. Such kitchens mostly feature painted or natural wood cabinets, wood floors, and simple worktops. Some timeless elements like simple lighting fixtures make it simple for them to stay compatible irrespective of what is or isn’t in vogue. The elegant yet simple look of shaker cabinets goes perfectly well with a traditional kitchen. You may opt for a conventional wood-grain finish along with minimal hardware to give a timeless appearance to the space.Traditional kitchens
  • Contemporary kitchens – If being trendy is your motto, shaker cabinets will surely fit your mood and your modern kitchen. Their neat and sleek design is ideal for a modern motif. Unlike farmhouse and traditional kitchens, modern kitchens usually rely on metal or stainless-steel finish. The kitchens typically have plenty of blank space to ensure a simple and clean feel. Its flat surfaces ensure a clean appearance. Darker lower cabinets combined with open shelving or with white upper cabinets create a chic look. To continue with modernity, avoid using hardware.

Contemporary kitchens

Enhance the look and functionalities of the kitchen with white shaker cabinets. It is a great way to vamp up the entire space. It also ensures a good ROI. You don’t have to break the bank for integrating such doors.


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