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Create Magic with White Shaker Cabinets and These 3 Accessories in Your Kitchen

If you are thinking of creating a magical kitchen with the stunning design and utmost functionality, then you are at the right place. We at GEC Cabinet Depot, offer you the high-quality kitchen cabinets at the most affordable price which is not only functional but elegant enough to give your kitchen décor a new dimension.

If you are thinking of designing a versatile kitchen, then we have a plethora of options for you? One of the best choices for you can be white shaker cabinets. But do you know that we often meet the clients who lack imagination and often much scared to try and experiment with the décor?  That is why here, we are going to tell you about three accessories that can go well with white shaker cabinetry and make your kitchen look magical.

Contrasting Countertop

To create a classy appeal in your kitchen décor, the best idea for you can be creating a kitchen that will have a stark visual contrast. So, when you are choosing white kitchen cabinets, what you can choose with that for this contrast? Well, a dark countertop can be the perfect pairing with such cabinetry. Black granite will keep the look simple yet classy when your kitchen will look sophisticated.

Grey Hardware and Appliances

While buying cabinets, you are also thinking of the right hardware as well as the appliances that will be there in your kitchen too. So, it is necessary that you think of the right hue to go well with white. To keep the versatile and modern vibe perfect, go for the grey colored hardware and appliances. Steel for metallic accent will do a great job too.

Pop Backsplash

When you are designing a kitchen mostly in white, it is always risky. Why? Well, the whole décor can look monotonous and dull. For that, having a pop backsplash is a good option. A tannery yellow or green can be the best choice for such a kitchen.

Incorporate these ideas into your design. And for stunning high-quality wholesale cabinets, visit www.geccabinetdepot.com or call at (612) 877 6999 now.

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