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Top Tips to Install White Shaker Cabinets in Your Kitchen

You can install cabinets easily but is difficult to install them the right way. Simply take them as an imperfect space that must have kitchen cabinets, which fit together perfectly. So, in this article, we are going to learn how you can install white shaker cabinets in your kitchen the right way.

white shaker cabinets

Let’s dive in.

1. Plan the Cabinet Installation Process

Firstly, you will not be able to measure your kitchen space until you install the drywall and the wall.  You can try to measure from the blueprint but there might be a surprise in the remodels or construction that can cost you a lot of money later on.

To plan your cabinet, ask a professional to get the measurements for you. A professional will also help you design the space the right way.

But if you are doing it all by yourself, you need to choose the cabinets first as it will help in understanding the installation requirements.

2. Get the Right Installation Tools

You might not want to spend additional money on the tools. But if you don’t have the right tools, it will damage your cabinets. Also, getting some tools will make sure that you don’t make some costly installation mistakes.

From cabinet jacks to cabinet claws, it is important to get the right installation tools. You will find many quality and time-improving tools that will make the installation process much easier for you.

3. Make Sure You Have the Cabinet Installation Supplies

When you plan to install the shaker kitchen cabinets, you should have all the right supplies in hand. Make sure that you have them in the right quantity. Since the installation of white shaker kitchen cabinets is custom work, the supplies you need are not going to be standard ones.

Also, don’t use drywall screws for attaching the cabinets to the wall.

4. Find the Right Reference Point to Install the Upper Cabinets

The first elegant white shaker cabinets installation is the most important. If you end up choosing the wrong cabinet or placing the first upper cabinet at the wrong height, it can lead to a lot of time loss. Hence, choosing the right upper cabinet is the first step.

The first step is to choose the right upper cabinet. But if your upper cabinets are already on the wall, it is quite an easy step. When you install upper cabinets on multiple walls but the floor isn’t level, you might run into several problems.

To get the perfect plane, you need to use the installation laser level, mounted on a pole and in the middle of the room. Find the shortest measurement and take it as a reference point to start from.

shaker cabinets

5. Lighten the Load by Taking Out the Upper Cabinet Doors

It is simple but it will reduce weight and can also prevent dings in the doors of your elegant white shaker cabinets. Take out the cabinet doors from the shaker cabinets carefully. When you do so, you will have less weight to lift and get easier access to the sides or face frames during the process of installation.

6. Pick the Upper Cabinet to Start the Installation Process

It is a step with little involves more art than science. For U-shaped or L-shaped begin from a 90-degree corner cabinet. For single wall cabinets, start with the cabinet against the wall. If you are getting a refrigerator cabinet, make sure that you measure the height first so that it fits later.

To install the best white shaker cabinets, you will have to follow many steps and use the right tools. However, you will also need the patience to handle it all. It is a job that you can do all by yourself but to get the utmost precision, hire a professional.


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