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Top Reasons to Install New Vanities during Your Bathroom Renovation Process


This is the era of contemporary living. Getting modernized often entails space crunch. To cope with the situation of not having enough space, we often need to discard many articles even if they seem to be necessary. We try to curtail our space requirements wherever possible and bathroom vanities are one of them.

Discount bathroom vanities don’t mean to be space-crunching luxurious furniture. Considering today’s space scarcity, bathroom furniture has become trendy cozy, and compact to keep the room free of unwanted clutter.

If you’re thinking about renovating your bathroom, keeping the old pieces of vanities is of no use, especially if the existing ones are cramped and dark. With bathroom remodeling, upgrading the cabinet vanities would be a wise decision.

Benefits of installing new bathroom vanity

During a bathroom renovation, if you find that your toilet, bathtub, faucets, and shower are working perfectly, don’t change them. But to give the space a new look and make it more functional and de-cluttered, the bathroom vanity would be the only item to replace. Here are the benefits of replacing the item.

bathroom vanity cabinets

  • More organized bathroom – Equipped with shelves and drawers, modern bathroom vanities are the right place to keep your bathroom synced and organized. It provides the users with lots of space to store their essential toiletries while keeping them out of the sight.
  • More space – Having a stress-free morning is what all of us want. With more space in bathroom vanity cabinets, you can accommodate your makeup, haircare products, and other items. You get rid of the stress of seeing things lying here and there.
  • More lighting – Modern bathroom vanities often come with light fixtures. With them, you don’t have to miss a spot shaving anymore. Also, your makeup won’t be messed up again because of the sconce lights. However, a wall-mounted lighting facility can also be opted for.
  • Updated style – If the current vanity’s doors are water-damaged or peeling or if the furniture features old-fashioned laminate countertops, this is perhaps the time to do away with them. They are an eyesore. Update your furniture and flaunt your bathroom as the guests come over to your home.
  • Better shareability – Are you thinking about a second sink to make it easy to share the bathroom with your spouse? This might have been a good option for you unless you have the option of installing bathroom vanity with double sinks.

Tips on designing your vanity

If you want your bathroom vanity unit to provide you with maximum benefits, it should be designed accordingly. Here are some effective tips that you can follow for enhanced benefits.

bathroom vanities wholesale

  • Choose the right layout – This is not necessary that you stick to the present location of the vanity. You can relocate the vanity and the sink as per your convenience, with some minor plumbing jobs. It won’t cost you an arm and a leg. A kid-friendly bathroom design would be the right option for your child’s restroom.
  • Decide on the number of sinks – In most cases, space acts as the constraint to install double sinks. If the vanity is not more than 60 inches in width, you won’t have an option other than a single sink. Even if the furniture is more than 60 inches wide, still it would be good to choose a single sink with additional counter space.
  • Choose the right styling details – You can choose the style, storage, color, worktop material, sink, faucet, lighting, mirror, and so on according to your preference.

The bathroom is perhaps the most intimate corner of a home. This is the place where you start your day from. It is the place where you might make the most important decision of your life lying in the bathtub. So, this place ought to be unique. And vanities are one of the most important parts of this private space. Choose the right modern vanity for your modern bathroom.


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