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3 Expert Tips for Your Kid-Friendly Bathroom Vanity Design

Designing the interior of the bathroom is quite a tricky task. Designing a bathroom interior that will be perfect for your kids is a whole different ballgame. When you are the only person or you are sharing your bathroom with another adult, your requirements of functionality and storage remain more or less the same. But when there is a kid in the house and using the same bathroom, the requirements change a lot.

Keeping this predicament in mind, GEC Cabinet Depot offers semi-custom and custom modern bathroom vanities that will help you get complete functionality and storage facility that is safe for small children without compromising on the style and elegance. So, if you are getting your discount bathroom vanities customized, you can follow the tips below that come directly from our experts.

discount bathroom vanities


Go for Taller Vanities

Install the bathroom vanity cabinets that are taller. When your kid is just a mere toddler, it can be unwise to keep the countertop accessible. This way you can keep it organized even with a kid using the bathroom. If you are thinking that you have to change the height later on when the kid grows up, then don’t worry. Instead of decreasing the height, you can install a step stool for the youngest member of your family so that they can access the countertop when needed and when they are much grownup to keep it organized.

No Sharp Edges and Feet of the Vanity

Children are more prone to injuries as they are playful while moving around. If the bathroom vanity has sharp edges, it will increase the chances of injuries and cuts when they suddenly bump into them. Also, floating bathroom vanities can be a better option as the floor will remain free for easy movement minus chances of stumbling over the vanity feet.

In-Cabinet Storage Solutions

Having a kid will call for more items that you need to store in the bathroom vanity. Medicines, ointments, towels, and linen necessary for the child will occupy plenty of space in the vanity. Also, if your kid has access to all these items and he or she clean themselves up, then keeping these items organized will be a big challenge. However, if you keep baskets and drawers within the vanity, it will help you store your bathroom essentials in a better and more organized way.

So, when you are purchasing discount bathroom vanities, keep these points in mind for better customization. Or you can come to us for more information. Visit www.geccabinetdepot.com today to know more.

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