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How to Select the Right Ready-To-Assemble Cabinets for Your Kitchen?


Ready to assemble cabinets or RTA kitchen cabinets are perhaps the most useful kitchen furniture. The cabinets offer several benefits compared to the traditional kitchen units. And this is the reason that homeowners have started liking and thus installing them in their kitchens. Moreover, you can have multiple variants and options in the market, in terms of the selection of the right kitchen units for your home.

Tips to choose RTA cabinets

However, it is essential to be a bit careful before investing in RTA cabinets. Let’s have a quick look at some tips following which ensures buying the right cabinet units.

  • Shortlist the options

    Before making a final buying decision, shortlist available options based on your particular requirements. The market is flooded with various cabinet options. RTA wood cabinets to laminated units and ones made of stainless steel – you will find endless choices. Your selection should be based on your budget, personal preference, and available space.
    rta kitchen cabinets

  • Decide the material

    Choosing the perfect material for the cabinets is another important factor to consider before finalizing the deal. Though most cabinets are made of wood like oak, pine, and sometimes bamboo, you may find options like thermofoil, steel and laminate as well. The latter ones are known for durability and low budget. On the other hand, laminate and steel are sometimes discarded owing to their heavyweight in comparison to the traditional wooden units.

  • Measure the dimension

    Taking proper measurements before making the purchase is important. The standard size found in the market might not fit into the space available in the kitchen. So, it would be good to get a tentative measurement of the cabinets and explore different sizes until you find the one that fits perfectly into your cooking room. If you have an open kitchen, for instance, you may need a broader unit that can be tailored as per your requirements.

  • Compare the cost of installation

    Various RTA cabinets have various costs of installation. Talk to the cabinet dealer about how much you have to pay for your purchased article before making the purchase.
    rta cabinets wholesale

  • Inquire about the customer service

    Buying kitchen cabinets is fine. But when you need to deal with the customer representatives you may have to face a hard time. Even the best product with poor customer service would lose your love for it in the future.

  • Be attentive about the layout

    The RTA cabinet is available in different designs, as already mentioned. The key to selecting the right units is to shortlist available options that suit your requirement as well as the size of the kitchen.

  • Compare between domestic and international brands

    There are many domestic as well as international cabinet makers that offer RTA units. Instead of saving your money by trying a new maker, it would be better to go for an already-established brand having a good dealer network.

  • Think about eco-friendly designs

    Nowadays, you will find many eco-friendly options in the marketplace. If you’re planning to design your kitchen in an eco-friendly way, choose eco-friendly kitchen furniture that adds the right touch to the overall ambiance.

  • Check out the features and finishing 

    Whether you like a rustic kitchen cabinet or a contemporary one, you must be careful about the features and finishing of the unit. What works for one kitchen might not be perfect for another. If the interior design of the kitchen is wood-based, for instance, having a thermofoil unit won’t be a good option for the same. Kitchen cabinets are one of the most important parts of a kitchen. They enhance the beauty of the kitchen while increasing its functionality. Unless they match with the rest of the room, the whole interior can be an eyesore.

These are just a few things that you should consider while buying RTA cabinets for your kitchen.


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