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RTA Kitchen Cabinets Color Choices

When it comes to the replacement of kitchen cabinets that are worn beyond repair with a new RTA kitchen cabinet to get the look of a new kitchen, choosing the right cabinet color that will never goes out of style becomes very significant. Whether the design of the kitchen is classic or contemporary, the following cabinet color options will make the kitchen look as modern, glamorous and inviting as possible.


White cabinets are truly timeless. White RTA cabinets provide a larger look to kitchens having a contemporary look and feel. Although, these cabinets get dirty easily yet are easy to clean with a wet cloth when crafted from durable materials and help lighten up a dark space.

White Kitchen Cabinet


Yellow RTA kitchen cabinets are ideal to brighten up kitchens that do not get a whole lot natural light. Yellow should be seldom used since it lacks the everlasting look of a more neutral shade. Pale yellow is favored over a bright yellow, but even pale yellows can in no time become obsolete.

Yellow Kitchen Cabinet


Often crafted of a durable metal, red RTA kitchen cabinets make a bold statement and are perfect for modern kitchens with minimal embellishment.  Unless hand-painted, it will be solid wood cabinets in shades of red are difficult to find in the market. In spite of being an odd color, red can slog over a long duration of time by altering the other decorations and accessories in the kitchen.

Red Kitchen Cabinet

Wood grain

Undoubtedly, the most preferred colors for RTA cabinets for kitchens are centered on wood grains. The dark cherry appearances or light maple textures are most popular and these types of cabinets are sold highest in the market. Beautiful and timeless, wood grain cabinets are a versatile choice that will work with each and every kitchen style.

Wood grain


Blue, a favorite color of most people is said to have a calming effect on the psyche. Since it comes in endless variety of shades, blue cabinets can be a welcoming addition to any kitchen style.

If there is anyone who is planning to re-sell their house within the next few years of kitchen renovation can come to us and pick a cabinet color that will go well with many different tastes. We at GEC Cabinet Depot have been dealing in these wholesale kitchen cabinets for many years offer our valuable customers dozens of style and color options that would match their personal taste and also add spark to their kitchen decorations.

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