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Revealing the Mysteries Behind RTA Cabinets


RTA Kitchen Cabinet

When undertaking a kitchen renovation or design project, selecting the appropriate cabinets holds paramount importance. Among the array of choices, RTA cabinets have emerged as a popular option.

But what exactly are RTA cabinets, and what makes them noteworthy? In this extensive guide, we will delve into the realm of RTA cabinets. We will examine their advantages, materials employed, diverse styles, and guidance on selecting the ideal ones for your kitchen.

Advantages of Choosing RTA Cabinets

  • These cabinets offer a budget-friendly solution. Being shipped in flat packs and necessitating assembly, they bypass the expensive labor fees linked with pre-assembled cabinets. This renders RTA cabinets wholesale an ideal option for individuals operating within a budget or seeking to save money on their kitchen renovation endeavors.
  • Another notable advantage of RTA cabinets lies in their versatility. Available in a diverse array of styles, finishes, and colors, these cabinets offer homeowners the flexibility to discover the ideal match for their kitchen decor. Whether one leans towards a traditional, modern, or contemporary aesthetic, there exists an RTA cabinet design to cater to individual preferences.
  • RTA cabinets offer ease of transportation and storage. Their flat-pack design ensures they are compact and lightweight, simplifying the process for homeowners to transport the cabinets to their homes effortlessly. Additionally, the flat-pack design facilitates convenient storage until assembly, making RTA cabinets a practical choice for individuals who may not have immediate access to their kitchen space during a renovation.

Types of Materials Used for RTA Cabinets

Custom RTA kitchen cabinets are available in different materials. Let’s take a look at a few of these materials.

  • Solid Wood- RTA kitchen cabinets are highly durable and offer a timeless look. They are known for their ability and strength to withstand wear and tear. But solid wood kitchen cabinets tend to be more expensive in comparison to other materials.
  • MDF- RTA cabinets are crafted from wood fibers blended with wax and resin, rendering them highly adaptable. They offer the flexibility to be easily painted or stained to achieve the desired aesthetic. Furthermore, MDF cabinets present a more economical option when compared to plywood and solid wood cabinets.
  • Plywood- RTA cabinets are favored for their robustness and longevity. Constructed by layering thin sheets of wood, they boast enhanced stability compared to solid wood cabinets. Plywood cabinets exhibit resistance to cracking and warping, making them particularly suitable for kitchens exposed to high humidity levels.

Different Types of RTA Cabinets

RTA kitchen cabinets are available in an extensive range of styles. Thus, homeowners can search for the perfect cabinets that will complement the kitchen design. A few of the most popular styles include transitional, traditional, and contemporary.

  • Transitional- RTA kitchen cabinets seamlessly merge traditional and modern influences, showcasing straightforward designs, sleek lines, and a harmonious fusion of classic and contemporary styles. Transitional cabinets provide a versatile choice, capable of enhancing a multitude of kitchen designs.
  • Traditional Cabinets- RTA kitchen cabinets are recognized for their intricate embellishments, raised panel doors, and decorative moldings. With an air of elegance and enduring allure, these cabinets cater to homeowners seeking a sophisticated aesthetic.
  • Contemporary- RTA kitchen cabinets embrace contemporary trends, frequently showcasing vibrant colors, distinctive finishes, and inventive designs. Offering homeowners an opportunity to express themselves boldly, these cabinets inject personality and flair into their kitchen environments.
  • Modern- RTA kitchen cabinets epitomize minimalism with their sleek designs, clean lines, and emphasis on practicality. Typically adorned with flat-panel doors and handle less designs, these cabinets boast a seamless aesthetic. Perfect for homeowners seeking a refined and uncluttered appearance in their kitchens, modern cabinets offer a streamlined solution.

Choosing the right RTA cabinets might seem overwhelming as there are a plethora of options available. Make sure that you also consider the RTA cabinet colors before paying for them.

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