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Some Modern Bathroom Vanity Ideas for A Modern Bathroom


The vanities are one of the most essential parts of a bathroom. When traditional ones are perfect for traditional bathrooms, modern units suit a contemporary bathroom. Vanity units are too functional and that makes them a vital part of a bathroom as well as the entire home. A bathroom is the corner of the home where you take intimate time for yourself. The hot bath gives you relief from the stress of your hectic day while helping your body and mind to relax. The basic self-care happens in the bathroom. And this is the reason that the vanities are so crucial. Unless the room is groomed rightly, it won’t serve as a relaxing abode.

Bathroom vanity ideas

Modern bathroom vanities basically feature a storage cabinet right under the sink and the mirror. If you’re a choosy one and looking for some great ideas for vanities, here you go.

bathroom vanity color trends

  • Conventional wooden design – Wooden units are an eternal option for contemporary toilets. The natural shade and its warmth give the bathroom a vintage look. Wooden units with legs keep the furniture away from the water on the floor and thus the chance of any water damage. You can use ornate towel hangers, and lamps so they along with the vanity unit tie up perfectly together and create an alluring look for the bathroom.
  • Curvy and sleek designs – A gorgeous vanity, a back lit mirror, a dwarf sink, and a curvy cabinet underneath are perfect and sleek combinations. Use dark colors for the cabinets and white for the bathroom walls. Such vanities occupy minimal space inside the room. But they work the best.
  • Minimalist designs – The design of the vanities should emphasize the functionality of the unit instead of its decorative aspect. Still, the aesthetics are important. They manage to glow through minimalism. Install a floating drawer along with a medicine cabinet and a rectangular mirror. This is too basic design but able to enhance the look and functionality of the bathroom to a great extent.

    bathroom vanities wholesale

  • Pastel-colored contemporary design – Pastel colors give a fun vibe to the bathroom. You may think about white tiles as they provide a retro yet clean spell. Use pastel blue for the vanity to break the monotony of whiteness with the fresh vibe of its shade. This is one of the most popular bathroom vanity color trends. Keep enough storage space to keep the toiletries and other essentials.
  • Spa-driven designs – Why don’t you think something out of the box? Low-height vanities don’t come in conventional mirror and cabinet package. Install something which is a combination of low and high surfaces. Such will offer enough storage space. You may add one or two seats for a few moments of relaxation and peace. Add a geometric shape to the design. It will be a standout option.
  • Luxurious design – A classy bathroom always deserves a classy vanity unit. A slim and sleek unit along with a golden accent goes prefect with a chic design. Keep the unit open to avail sufficient storage space. You may also use the surface of the vanity for the placement of decorative pieces. Well, minimalism sometimes looks truly luxurious. It doesn’t always need lots of money to buy luxury.

How the design of the bathroom vanity will depend on your personal preferences and choice. Vanities are something where functionality and aesthetic go hand in hand. You need to balance perfectly. You start your day in the bathroom and end it too at the same place. So allot enough space there to keep bathroom linen and essentials. Don’t forget to add a mirror; this is a very important part of your bathroom décor. Choose the right bathroom vanitythat can arrange all necessary items properly.


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