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What Are the Major Bathroom Vanity Trends For 2021?

The master bathroom of the house is like a sanctuary. It provides a very private space where the occupants relax and spend their own moments. Being a homeowner, if you’re planning to renovate your bathroom or want to make some changes, start with the bathroom vanity. This is something that can make a difference, both in terms of functionality and décor. As it comes to choosing a vanity, it must go according to your taste and available space.

Bathroom vanity trends for 2021

Though it should go as per your taste, you may follow the trends as well. Let’s check out the latest trends in bathroom vanities.

modern bathroom vanities

  • White, gray, silver, and ebony – These are the most preferred colors for modern bathroom vanities. All of them go perfectly alright with any kind of bathroom style. Also, they help to make your space look bigger and brighter. Thus, they are an ideal option for small bathrooms.
  • Open shelving – This has been a trend not only for this year but also for years. They are a popular choice considering the space and style. This kind of shelving makes the space look luxurious while giving your bathroom a spa-like look. Open shelving would be the right choice for small bathrooms. Some prefer to have a vanity with open shelving at the bottom while others prefer an open shelf on the walls. Nevertheless, both provide a farmhouse look.
    bathroom vanity cabinets
  • Vessel sinks – These have been in trend for the last couple of years. vessel sinks give the restroom a unique appearance. They can be made of stone or glass. The sinks are more ideal for powder rooms than big bathrooms. Apart from adding some flair to space, they also become the key focal point.

As it comes to bathroom vanities, minimalism would be the key, especially for the small spaces. Less is more for them. Keep the bathroom decluttered by choosing the options discussed above.


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