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How to Make Your Cherry Wood Cabinets Look New and Modern?

Cherry cabinets are in high demand in the market, especially because homeowners are looking to add some luxury to their lives. However, for some potential buyers, cherry wood cabinets don’t match the trendy or modern feel they are looking for.

No matter whether you are adding modern accents or updating the room, there are a few ways to modernize cherry wood cabinets.

Modern Cherry cabinet

Cherry wood is popular for its color. It is also known for its smoother appearance and clear grain. This makes it a popular choice for kitchen cabinets. But if you want to modernize it, there are ways to do that. Check them out.

1. Change the Backsplash

One of the best ways to make cherry wood kitchen cabinets look more modern is to add a lighter backsplash. Considering adding a light or white neutral backsplash to refresh the space. You can consider a white subway tile for adding some interesting but clean texture to the kitchen.

2. Buy New Appliances

In case you need new appliances and want to update your cherry cabinets, it might be the right time to invest in a few new appliances.

Go for appliances that are modern, shiny, and sleek. Avoid choosing appliances that are black as they can make the room appear heavier and darker.

In case you have a small budget, you can replace just one appliance at a time, you can do this over weeks, months, or even years. With time, the space can transform so that appears more modern.

3. Change the Hardware

You can consider buying new hardware for modernizing the cabinets. If you refresh the hardware, you can get the cherry wood cabinets an upgraded look.

Before you buy a whole set of hardware for the whole cabinet set, buy different options to try out. When you bring the hardware home, place them against cherry cabinets to find out if the combination can create the modern style you desire.

Moreover, take a few steps back to find out how the combination looks from a broader perspective. It will help you with the decision-making process. You can ask a member of your family for their opinion.

Keep trying various hardware options until you come across the one, which is right for you. Once you have chosen hardware that works, return the hardware that does not work for you. Buy enough hardware for the cherry kitchen cabinets.

4. Add White Upper Cabinets

In case you just have lower countertops made of cherry wood cabinets, consider including white upper cabinets. It gives the space a contrasting look and makes the entire room feel more refreshed and modern.

Before you buy a white upper cabinet, try to place something white above the cherry wood cabinets, and check if the texture and color combination is the one you are looking for. Use white wood household objects for trying out the idea.

Cherry kitchen Cabinets

5. Replace the Countertops

You can get new granite countertops. So, select choose either dark or light colored, a brown ivory, or a gold antique as all these choices go well with cherry wood cabinets.

Do not choose red cabinets since they can clash with the cherry countertops. It is a combination that can overpower the cherry cabinets and give them an imbalanced look.

6. Adding New Colors to the Kitchen

Apart from refreshing the elements in the kitchen, add new colors to the space. There are various options when it comes to painting the cherry cabinets. Modernize the cherry cabinet with the help of paints. It can be used to either paint the whole room or as an accent. What you do depends on the scope of the project and the space.

These options can upgrade the cherry wood cabinet. But you should also know how to clean cherry wood cabinets. If you know how to clean cherry cabinets, they can last for a longer time.

Make a statement in your home with our luxurious cherry kitchen cabinets in Minnesota, USA. Contact us today at contact@geccabinetdepot.com or (612) 877-6999 and let’s create a space you’ll love.

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