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How to Take Care of The Cherry Cabinets in Your Kitchen?

The calming yet rich hue of the cherry wood gives a homey feel to your kitchen. Hardwood always goes perfectly with any type of kitchen décor. But wood is prone to spills, smudges, and oily buildups that easily get collected on the kitchen cabinet drawers and doors. Luckily, unlike honey oak or dark walnut, it is easy to clean cherry cabinets with good quality natural cleaners in a non-toxic and safe way.

Tips to clean cherry cabinets

Proper cleaning and conditioning are important to protect the shine, beauty, look, usability, and value of the cherry kitchen cabinets. Let’s have the quick look at the easy and affordable cleaning solution for this furniture.

cherry kitchen cabinets

  • Ice cubes – Dirt, dust as well as food and even cleaning products build up onto the cabinet surface. The buildup creates an unwanted sticky residue on the surface. Besides, they cause foul odors inside the home. You can remove such residue with ice cubes. Take a few cubes in a plastic bag and seal properly so avoid spills. Now move the bag over the sticky surface; hold it for a couple of minutes so the buildup gets hardened in a few minutes. Remove the hard residue with a spatula.
  • Vinegar solution – For heavier and harder-to-remove debris, use white vinegar. This contains many acidic properties. Vinegar has antibacterial and antiviral properties. The solution of vinegar cuts through the dust, dirt without damaging the finish of the wood. But it will kill the harmful bacteria and germs. Mix water and white vinegar in a 1:1 ratio to create the solution.
    cherry wood cabinets
  • Vinegar scrub – If the solution doesn’t work well, use a more intense cleanser and apply it with a scouring pad. Make the scrubbing cleaner by mixing 1 cup of vinegar with 1 tablespoon of table salt. Mix them well and apply the mixture onto the cabinet surface. Let it sit for some minutes. Now wash off with a damp clean microfiber cloth.

Well, the use of ice cubes, vinegar solution, and vinegar scrub is good enough to clean different levels of debris from your cherry wood cabinets. But to enhance the shine of the wood, use olive oil.


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