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How Do White Cabinets Upgrade The Look And Feel Of Your Kitchen Remarkably?


As it comes to all-time popular kitchen cabinet ideas, white cabinets will steal the show. But not everyone wants to decorate their kitchen in white. This is because white get stained easily, they look dirty. According to many homeowners, white kitchens are too stark, blank, cold, and boring. If you want to stay in your existing home for the next 25 years, decorate it as per your wish. But if you have a plan to sell the home in the future, go for a white kitchen undoubtedly. In fact, this would be one of the best investments you ever make.

Key elements of white kitchens

The cabinet is one of the key building blocks for a classic white kitchen. A successful door style has very little detail. Presently, slab doors without applied moulding are in vogue. But this fad is likely to pass. Before this, kitchen designers were inclined towards Tuscany, oil-rubbed crevices, and ornate details. But now the users are disappointed with such finishes. The key thing to universal appeal has to be interesting but not loud. This is the reason that simple shaker doors win every time. You can add various details as per your wish. Add a beadboard detail to give the kitchen a country look. Frosted glass can be used for a modern look.

white kitchen cabinets

Things should look like you have spent a lot than what you have actually done. Try to step at least one level above the cheapest available option so the things can be dressed up with some chic finishes. Some thermofoil options, for example, don’t look like cheap plastic. If your budget permits you can choose MDF or painted wood for white kitchen cabinets.

Cabinet color

White doesn’t always mean to be milk-white. Rather white mixed with navy blue or grey looks beautiful. White cabinets are cheap as well; almost all stores stock them as the base color. You don’t need to custom paint. If you have any fixed elements, try grey-white or taupe-white. But before making any purchase, it would be better to consult a professional, so your money doesn’t go off the rails over time.

Use of color to complement white cabinets

  • White may be used on the outer walls of the cabinetry. Use wood or any contrasting color on the island. This look will be appealing for at least the next 10 years without any sign of aging. It’s an alluring option as it makes the cooking room feel less utilitarian while adding more aesthetics. The combination warms up the coldness of white and gives a great contrast.
  • You may use a dark color on the lower cabinets and white on the uppers and floor-to-ceiling cabinetry. This is traditional. But this keeps rediscovering itself with different combinations of colors. In case of an unappealing floor that can’t be instantly changed, just make them shine.
  • Mix wood and white to break a boring long wall. You may also use two different hues of grey. Complementing a nice range with a dark color creates an envying focal point. You may also use the contrasting color on the island and pantry to give classic white cabinets a stunning vibe.

antique white kitchen cabinets

The worktop or countertop

For this, you will find plenty of options based on your individual budget. If you have a reasonable budget, the stone would be the greatest option for countertop. A plain white or grey counter without a texture can look too bland. The use of granites with color and patterns can be incredible. But quartz is the safest bet. It would be preferable to use quartz with stone patterns in a subtle color combination or veining.

Well, the opportunities are endless. All you need is to make the right decision at the right time without breaking your bank.


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