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White Cabinets and Open Floor Kitchen – a Match Made in Heaven

Designing the kitchen interior is not anymore just throwing in some fixture randomly and hoping that it will work. Now, the kitchen has become as much important as any other part of the home in terms of style and appeal. Those days are long gone when style used to take the backseat while functional storage solution used to be in the limelight. Now, designers, as well as homeowners, look for the right blend of functionality and style. And when it comes to kitchen functionality and style, the layout plays a huge part. Open floor kitchens are the current rage if you take a look at all the glossy magazines as well as interior designing blogs. Now, what will be the right style of cabinets in your open floor kitchen? Well, nonetheless, it is a white kitchen cabinet.

While an open floor kitchen brings you more possibilities in terms of functionality, white kitchen cabinets offer more promises. Truly, these two are a match made in heaven. So, if you are still wondering how you can strike the right balance in your open kitchen with white kitchen cabinets, you must take a look at the following tips from the experts of GEC Cabinet Depot.

white kitchen cabinets

Keep in Simple

An open floor kitchen can do two things to your space. Either you can get inspired to keep the space simple. Or it can make the space prone to clutter. So, when you have the liberty to choose the right thing, choose the former. You can keep the décor of the space really simple and elegant. And for that, a white kitchen cabinet will be the ideal choice. Don’t worry about the styling. Investing in a white shaker style will help you create a sober elegant look effortlessly.

Modern Minimalism

Another amazing possibility with these two features together is creating a modern minimal space. So, when you are creating a modern kitchen with stunning sleep appeal, open floor kitchen with white kitchen cabinets can be the best way to achieve that. So, when you are trying to create the minimal design, the clean straight lines, the sleep slab style doors, and the steel accent can do the trick.

A Cozy Cheerful Space

When you are looking for a design solution of a small kitchen interior, open floor space and a white kitchen cabinet design can create the illusion of space beautifully. The layout offers you more flexibility of using the remaining space white color adds to the bright and cheerful mood of the kitchen. Choose antique white kitchen cabinets for cozier appeal in the space.

So, for designing such a kitchen, get in touch with us today. Dial (612)877 6999 now or visit https://www.geccabinetdepot.com/ for more details.

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