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Ways to Redo Your Walnut Cabinets Without Replacing Them

Do you want to remodel your kitchen cabinets without replacing them completely? You are in luck.There are various ways to give your walnut cabinets a makeover without replacing them. From new hardware to a simple paint job, there are different ways to transform the look of the kitchen.

Let’s take a look at how you can redo the walnut kitchen cabinets without replacing them.

1.  Add New Hardware

Updating modern walnut cabinets to give it a makeover, you can change the hardware. Switching out handles and knobs for something new will transform the look of the kitchen cabinets. Moreover, modern hardware improves the function of the cabinet drawers and doors. If you go for traditional, classic, or modern hardware styles, adding new hardware is an easy makeover idea, which will add value to your home.

2.  Add Crown Molding

One of the best walnut kitchen cabinets makeover ideas is to add crown molding to them. It is a simple addition that will instantly take your kitchen design to a whole new level. Crown molding serves as a decorative molding, which will give the space an elegant touch. For installing them, you have to measure the cabinet’s height and buy them a pre-made piece, which fits in that space. Cut the molding and attach them around the cabinet’s top using a nail gun and miter saw. When you are done attaching the molding, paint it using a color that will complement the kitchen design and color. It is an inexpensive and easy way to cabinet an immediate facelift.

3.  Replace the Cabinet Doors

Replacing the doors of the cabinets can give your kitchen a new touch and make it appear modern. You will find various cabinet door styles available in online and offline hardware stores so that you find something that goes with the rest of the décor. Replace the cabinet doors as it is an easy process based on the type of kitchen cabinet you have and kind of door you want to install. In case you are searching for an easy and quick door makeover, it is a great option to take into account.

4.  Paint the Insides of the Cabinets

One of the most popular remodeling ideas is to paint the inside of the kitchen cabinets. It can give your kitchen a quick makeover without even replacing them. To get the best results, go for glossy paint, which is easy to maintain and clean. Use bold colors, such as navy or black to make the interior of the cabinets stand out. In case you do not like a glossy finish, choose a muted finish, which will not reflect too much light.

Make sure that you prep the cabinets to ensure that the paint looks great. So, sand down the rough edges and remove old paint. When it comes to the cabinet’s exterior, there are many ideas to makeover the cabinets you can try.

5.  Add Glass Doors to a Few Cabinets

Adding glass doors to the kitchen cabinets is one of the most affordable and simplest cabinet makeover ideas. Glass doors add color, light, and visual interest to the kitchen. It is an excellent way to display plates or decorative items. You can update the existing kitchen cabinets with a glass door insert, which will fit into the existing frame. If you want, you can also replace the whole cabinet door with glass doors.

Feeling a little ambitious? Try adding stained glass inserts and glass doors to make your kitchen stand out. But make sure that you know how to clean walnut kitchen cabinet.

6.  Install Under-Cabinet Laminate

It is another way to update the kitchen and it adds a touch of elegance to the kitchen. But you can install under-cabinet lightning only when you have basic electrical knowledge. The process involves connecting kitchen fixtures to a dimmer switch so that you are able to adjust the light’s intensity. With this, you can install a subtle nightlight or a dramatic accent light.

In case you are familiar with electrical knowledge, you can hire a professional.

Upgrade your home with the luxurious appeal of walnut kitchen cabinets in Minnesota, USA. Contact us at contact@geccabinetdepot.com or (612) 877-6999 and let’s create your dream kitchen together.

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