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What Are The Ways To Prevent White Kitchen Cabinets From Being Turned Yellow?

A tested kitchen trend is custom-built white cabinetry. Irrespective of the kitchen style, white cabinets always bring life to the style. The kitchen is the heart of a home. And thus, cleanliness and entry of sunlight are a must for it. White cabinets are not only bright but also clean. It makes the kitchen a heavenly place where people love to chat, cook, and eat. But maintaining the whiteness is a bit tough. Such cabinets tend to fade and quickly turn yellowish.

antique white kitchen cabinets

Tips to keep the whiteness and glow of the white cabinets

To keep the kitchen warm and inviting, it needs ample sunlight. To ensure full utility, it needs enough functional space for cooking. But both cooking and sunlight are threats to the white kitchen cabinets. Both can make the whiteness turn yellow. Obviously, not a beautiful and right yellow, but it turns into sickly unpleasant, and dirty yellow. However, with a little and regular maintenance, you can keep the whiteness intact.

  • The right amount of sun exposure – Protecting white cabinets from sun damage is a tricky job. You shouldn’t block the avenues through which sunlight enters the kitchen. At the same time, you should not allow the scorching sunrays to fall on the cabinets throughout the day. So, manage the whole thing tactfully. As you work with the designer while designing the kitchen, find out where the most sunlight will shine. Now hang the cabinets in a place that doesn’t get direct sunlight all through the day. It might not be possible always. If the sunrays come from every angle, use thin drapes to protect the cabinets from direct sunlight.
    white kitchen cabinet
  • Home cooking – The kitchen is the place to cook and eat. As the hunger-provoking smell of cooking wafts throughout your home, it bears invisible grease particles. Well, this doesn’t sound appetizing. But you should know that these particles land on all the surfaces. Don’t allow them to sit longer on the white kitchen cabinets as this can turn the units dirty yellow. So, to maintain the whiteness, wipe down the cabinets after cooking.

These are some quick ways to keep the whiteness of the white kitchens intact.



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