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Want To Have An English Kitchen Décor? Here Are Two Ways How

An English Kitchen has been quite the talk of the town nowadays amongst kitchen lovers. Its vintage appeal, authentic incorporations in design and looks, all make for a great show. And if you too want to turn your kitchen into an English kitchen, GEC Cabinet Depot is your one-stop destination. While their cabinets provide for a state-of-the-art efficiency in space and storage, their looks brings for the perfect showcase of an English kitchen décor.

In this blog, however, we shall be talking about how you can turn your kitchen into a perfect English kitchen with the help of GEC Cabinet Depot’s vintage cabinet designs. Choose from our varied range of cabinetry including white shaker, vintage white, cherry shaker, and walnut kitchen cabinets. All our cabinets, including RTA cabinets, come at affordable prices without any compromise on quality.

vintage kitchen cabinets


Here are 2 effective ways to turn your kitchen English:

  • Open storage: The vintage English times did not have the modern kitchen storages or amenities of today. The most common form of storage was open storage. Moreover, it is also a prevalent norm to have open islands too. Be it either of these, our vintage kitchen cabinets are your perfect choice for pen shelf cabinets. If you have a small kitchen, opt for white shaker style whose white color will give the illusion of more space. For a larger kitchen, go for a deeper shade like cherry or walnut to have a more warm timeless appeal.


  • Stand-alone hutch: More suggested for smaller kitchen spaces, this structure is a great way to enhance the looks of your English kitchen without the overuse of décor. A standalone hutch will be able to store most of your kitchen essentials. While in the upper cabinetry section, you can store your containers, glasses and dishes, in the lower cabinetry, you can store the objects which you would rather have unseen but needed all the same. A great way to enhance the look would be to opt for vintage white cabinets with glass- style door for the upper cabinetry to showcase your collection better.

Besides this, go for simple door styles like shaker works a great deal to enhance the English kitchen vibe. To know more about how you have an English kitchen with vintage cabinet designs, come to GEC Cabinet Depot. Visit www.geccabientdepot.com.

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