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Some Useful Factors to Know Before You Invest In Bathroom Cabinets


Usually, bathrooms are incorporated with utility cabinets – whether big or small. The cabinets are useful to store linen, toiletries, and other bathroom essentials. These units must be strong enough as they come in touch with steam, water splashes, and dripping lotions or shower gel, every day. Also, they have to be properly maintained to ensure durability. And for no-hassle maintenance, it is always required to select the right material for the base and countertop. The surface finish should also be taken into the consideration.

Factors to evaluate

Here is a quick guide that will help you choose the right material and finish for your bathroom vanity cabinets.

bathroom vanity cabinets

  • Types of bathroom vanities

    The first thing you need to know about is the types of bathroom cabinets. Normally, the cabinets are built below the countertop. Such units come with a combination of shutters and drawers. If there is a pedestal sink in the room, the cabinets are installed right above the sink. Such cabinets come with a front mirror. They typically have a depth between 6 and 8 inches so you can systematically store the bathroom essentials and toiletries. Sometimes, the cabinets are installed as a standalone wall-mounted unit or floor unit.

  • Fundamentals to choose cabinet materials

    Bathrooms are moisture-laden, for obvious reasons. So, the vanity materials must be resistant to humidity and moisture. Moreover, the materials have to be strong so they can endure the burden of weighty stone countertop.

  • Selection of the right material for bathroom cabinets

    A waterproof plywood would be a good option for the fabrication of the basic cabinet framework. The material is extremely stable and resistant to humidity and moisture. MDF or medium density fiber is a big no-no for bathrooms as they are not at all resistant to moisture. Even solid wood won’t be a good option for the bathrooms as it expands and contracts in the presence of moisture. Also, over-the-counter cabinets made of particle board are not recommended. The material is very likely to sag under the weight of heavy stone countertops. It also tends to break down in steam or water. Better you opt for PVC discount cabinets if budget is a constraint for you. However, they are not much durable; and thus they are ideal for rented homes.
    modern bathroom vanities

  • Selection of surface finish material

    Laminate would be the most appropriate solution as it is resistant to both water and stain. But it would be good to choose matte-finish ones because scratches, stains, and smudges are not prominently visible on a matte-finish surface. Wood veneers are not recommendable for bathroom units as they are much more delicate than their laminate counterpart. Also, they need regular maintenance. Fabricating the key structure of the bathroom cabinet with plywood would be a pragmatic option. You can choose shutters made of glass since it provides a trendy look and induces a sense of lightness within your bathroom. If you’re on a strict budget, choose oil or latex-based primers and paints. It would be even better to go for latex paints than oil-based paints as the former release fewer VOCs.

  • Selection of countertop material

    Granite is undoubtedly the best bet for the bathroom countertop owing to its classy and chic look. Also, it is low maintenance. You will find plenty of color and pattern options in granite. Marble is another good option though expensive. But the material is likely to get stained and scratched. For a change, ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, or glass mosaic would be a preferred option. But they are not a perfect option as the grout lines of these materials are hard to clean. As a result, mildew can develop. A solid surface can be another possible option. It is available in ample patterns and colors. It is made of acrylic resins and crushed stone which can be thermoformed into any desired shape.

These are some of the most important factors that you should consider while thinking about investing in modern bathroom vanities.


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