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How to Upgrade Your White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets?

White cabinets are the most popular choice as they are ultra-versatile. They can go with almost all types of interior design. The adaptable shade is loved by minimalists for its soothing energy and clean lines, while maximalists love how well it goes with a world of other patterns and colors.

The timeless charm of white shaker kitchen cabinets transcends generations and manages to stay perpetually in style. But the drawback of these cabinets is that they are few and far between. While stains and cuffs can happen, that is true for all light colors.

shaker kitchen cabinet

To give it an upgrade, you can use one of the following tips. Let’s take a look at them.

1. Punctuate with a Pop-Up Color

Why limit yourself to a single cabinet color when you can opt for a variety? For those with a more maximalist style, maintain white cabinets and introduce a pop of color to your island.

2. Keep Things Simple

Pay attention, minimalists: Front-slab cabinets are an ideal means to advance your streamlined design objectives.

3. Draw an Outline

White shaker cabinets are dressed with a bright outline within the inner edge. It just accentuates the detail but will coordinate well with the gingham backsplash.

4. Add Enough Light

Add an illuminating touch to your white shaker kitchen ideas. You can get a shape-shifting chandelier. The idea to make the space bright will add a lot of flair.

5. Keep It Sleek

You can choose an all-white kitchen cabinet décor for your kitchen by taking a light-reflecting color all the way up to the ceiling. To ground the room, you can go for a dark hardwood floor.

6. Give a Touch of Drama

If black countertops appear too severe for your taste, include some noir hardware. Even a simple use of pulls and knobs, along with a slim dark trim, is masterful yet measured to create a contrast. This will make your white RTA cabinets stand out.

7. Add Open Shelves

So, you want to display your finest-quality serve ware in your kitchen. An all-white kitchen can be the appropriate choice. Selecting a mix of traditional white kitchen cabinets and floating shelves, lets you show off your collection of exclusive pottery.

8. Be Bold with the Backsplash

Simply because you have chosen white custom RTA kitchen cabinets does not mean your kitchen cannot embrace the bold side. You can go for white and beige color ways as they go well with the white kitchen cabinets and not against them.

9. Embrace the Curves

To give your white kitchen cabinet a subtle but innovative appeal, you can give them rounded edges. This will create a great deal of visual intrigue. When you pair a leaf green tree and a customized rug, you can get a curated and cool kitchen.

10. Work with Wooden Details

You can include wooden details in the kitchen with white cabinets as it will give a bohemian, fresh flair. If you have an ornate set, you can combine it with woven paneling. Adding white and blue tiles will make the space idyllic.

11. Experiment with Different Styles

You do not have to select just one kind of cabinet. Combine shaker styles and slabs into a confined space. The crisp white color will bring decorum to the various styles.

12. Paint the Wall

White kitchen cabinets can fit really well in a bold and bright space. For instance, you paint your kitchen lilac and include a bright blue table. However, keep the kitchen cabinets a smooth off-white. The outcome is that the cabinets provide welcomed breathing room for an otherwise culinary corner that is colorful.

These are some of the ways to upgrade your white shaker cabinets and transform them from drab to fab.

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