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How to Update Your Bathroom Vanity on a Budget to Give It a Fresh Look?

It is undoubtedly satisfying to update the living space of your home. And the bathroom is a great place to start with to turn the worn and torn look into something new and refreshing. With a couple of minor changes such as new lightings, new paints, and up-gradation of bathroom vanities, the bathroom can be turned into something bazinga. But how would you update the vanities?

bathroom vanity cabinets

Tips for updating bathroom vanities

There are many ways to update the bathroom vanities like,

  • Painting over the sink
  • Installing new hardware
  • Replacing the old countertop

Among them, some you can do on your own. However, others may require professional help. As you set the budget and start the project, you will understand the best ways to head in for a new look. And, at the end of the day, it will be fun as you update your old discount bathroom vanities.

  • Painting over the sink – Maybe your home dates to the 1970s. You can make the abovementioned changes to your bathroom. But as it comes to the old flamingo pink or avocado green sink basin, you can hardly do anything. Well, why don’t you paint it? Instead of replacing the whole set, paint the sink. It would be cheaper than changing the same though it won’t give you the feel of a new porcelain sink. There are YouTube videos where you can find how to paint the sink.
    modern bathroom vanities
  • Installing new hardware–This is probably the easiest thing to do to give the vanity a new look. Swap out all the outdated handles and knobs and replace them with something stylish. With a little elbow grease and screwdrivers, you can get this project done on your own. There are many online stores where you will find bathroom vanities as well as accessories like knobs and handles of your choice.
  • Replacing the old countertop–Once you are done with new hardware and the newly painted sink, now you need to take care of the tired outdated countertops. Replacing the countertop is an extensive job. You need to remove the plumbing fixtures and the sink, tear out the old items and repaint if there is any damage to the wall during the process. But all of them are worth it in case you replace the old countertop. If your budget permits, always go for modern bathroom vanities.

These are just some of the many ways that you can apply to give your bathroom vanity a new look.


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