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Which Types of Cabinets in Kitchen Contain Most Weight?

When it comes to the sturdy and durable cabinets for your kitchen, there is no alternative to solid wood cabinets. The cabinets in any kitchen hold the biggest place of prominence and rightfully so. It occupies the majority of the area while keeping the clutter and the necessary utensils inside it, effectively adding to its functionality.

So, when you are coming to GEC Cabinet Depot looking for the strongest cabinets that will contain the maximum amount of weight, opt for the following options. You will not regret it.

cherry kitchen cabinets

Cherry Wood Cabinets

When you are looking for solid wood that will help you enhance the functionality, storage as well as aesthetics of your kitchen, cherry kitchen cabinets will be your best picks. Made of solid cherry wood, these ones will be strong and durable. Also, the unique aging process of this wood will make them look darker and grainier with time. So, pick cherry wood kitchen cabinets that are also easy to customize.

Walnut Kitchen Cabinets

Just like cherry wood cabinets, walnut cabinets are also made of solid wood. This one comes in a golden yellow hue with a grainy texture. When you are planning to a warm looking welcoming place, this is your right option. Perfect for traditional as well as modern, this can be your best bet when you are looking for cabinetry that will easily hold all the weight of the storage.

Maple Wood

Maple wood is natural solid wood and it is available in two different shades, gazed maple and northern maple. Perfect for any type of functional kitchen, this can be the best way to add cabinetry to your kitchen. Being solid wood, it will offer long-term durability for you.

So, what are you waiting for? Rush to our showroom today and pick the best cabinetry now that will easily contain the weight of the world that is your kitchen. For more details on pricing and customization, dial (612)877-6999 now.


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