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Transform Your Bathroom into a Pleasant Retreat with Amazing Design Trends That Keep the Space Clean


During 2020 and 2021, people have got accustomed to heightened awareness of cleanliness, especially in terms of their homes. Health and hygiene continue to be the top priority mostly in high traffic ends of the home including the bathroom. Therefore, this year, people are very likely to prioritize antimicrobial fittings and easily cleanable surfaces.

Amazing bathroom trends for this year

Here are the latest bathroom trends that won’t require you to sacrifice your individual choice of style.

bathroom vanity cabinets

  • Floating bathroom vanity – The concept is not new though it’s always contemporary. With such vanities, you will get more space-saving storage 0option with better customization opportunities. Use faucets, sinks, and hardware to fit your style. These bathroom vanity cabinets come in different configurations – a comprehensive unit with a worktop, a completely separate piece of freestanding vanity with no leg. A wall-mounted vanity is airy and clean. It gives a de-cluttered look to the restroom. It doesn’t eat up bathroom space. Irrespective of the configuration, you can clean the bathroom easily.
  • Medicine cabinets and back-lit mirrors – As it comes to bathroom renovation, most homeowners choose to install new mirrors, preferably lighted ones. Medicine cabinets and backlit mirrors would be a great combination for contemporary bathroom design. The combination offers sufficient lighting without extra reflection or glare. They can be used as a nightlight as dimmed. Backlit mirrors create the illusion of floating mirrors making them the focal point of the room.
  • Space-saving soaking bathtubs – During these years of the pandemic, most people have developed a desire for relaxation and rest. They are inclined towards soaking tubs as a space to rejuvenate themselves. These flat-bottom tubs are the trend for 2022. They are likely to be more popular than their existing clawfoot counterparts. Soaking bathtubs in white color go well with any type of bathroom. In terms of saving time to fill the tub, you can use a small one. This won’t need much water as well.

    RTA bathroom cabinets
  • Durable paint and cozycolors– When you install RTA bathroom cabinets, applying a new coat of paint in a refreshing hue can be fantastic to complement the furniture while giving the room a great appearance. It will remain beautiful for years. Even in the previous year, the top colors were meant to be warm and vibrant, especially for the bathroom where you start and end your day. The color trend might not be changed this year. Irrespective of the shade, a fresh coat of paint is always worth it. It gives the bathroom a cleaner look and feel. Moreover, the new coat kills germs and bacteria. It is hygienic and can withstand the covid-motivated cleaning. Whatever color you apply on the bathroom wall, don’t forget to apply a coat of primer before painting. This will help with washability as well.
  • Smart toilet – Gone are those days when smart toiles and bidets were considered to be a costly and futuristic proposition. Usually, toilets have been a nuisance to clean. However, things are different now. With smart toilets, you can be free of many hassles. The toilets are equipped with several hands-free elements such as touch-free flushing, self-closing lids, and so on. These features remarkably lower interaction with germs and germy surfaces. The toilets are also sometimes featured with self-cleaning technology that includes interior mechanisms like germ-killing light under the toilet lid. The toilets have clean lines, a wall-mounted installation facility, and a smooth surface. They are also free of the nooks and exposed plumbing wiring. This makes cleaning the exterior part easy. Also, the toilets look great with the RTA bathroom vanity.

These are some of the latest and wonderful bathroom features that will keep this intimate corner of the home easy to clean and trendy.


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