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Top Colors that Go Well with Cherry Kitchen Cabinets

Cherry wood cabinets have a warm and rich tone, which makes the cherry cabinets a functional and great choice for the kitchen space. While varnished or plain cabinets go well with all types of room design, colors in the kitchen will make the cherry wood’s beauty stand out. In fact, it can improve the look of the room.

cherry kitchen cabinet

Creating a color scheme with a cherry cabinet is simple with the right inspiration and tips. Here are the top colors that you can pair with cherry kitchen cabinets.

  • Greige

  • A soft neutral color, such as beige, cream, taupe, or greige will work well with cherry wood cabinets. These colors go well with dark cherry cabinets. Gray stone countertops, stainless steel appliances, and white tile backsplash help in balancing the rich wooden tone of the cabinets. It will make the room appear brighter.

  • White

  • Not all white walls in the kitchen lack imagination or are boring. If cherry shaker kitchen cabinets are the star of the cooking space, white walls can be the ideal backdrop. The island and cherry wood cabinets are the star of the show, surrounded by block backsplash and stone countertops. Ceilings, white walls, and molding add some brightness to the kitchen space. It will make the kitchen stand out from your pale dining room.

  • Pale Green

  • Green complements red really well. Hence, it can set off cherry wholesale kitchen cabinets beautifully. There are many verdant shades to select from but pale green will add interest while looking minimal and calm. You can add a light green color in the form of tiles backsplash and see the colors work together.

  • Soft Blue

  • The trick to choosing the right color of soft blue is to avoid a shade that appears too primary or is ideal for a nursery. Choose a color with cool undertones that will not clash with the cherry kitchen cabinets, such as icy blue. It will give a cohesive look to the cooking space. You can add backsplash tiles in a similar shade.

  • Pale Yellow

  • If you want your kitchen to feel bright and sunny even if the outside weather is gray and dull, you can paint the kitchen walls pale yellow. If you use it in combination with a cherry discount kitchen cabinet set, the color can feel energizing. You can accentuate the space with ceramic dishware and copper pots. This will give a French country vibe.

  • live Green

  • Another accent color for kitchens with cherry wood cabinets is olive green. It gives both a bohemian and sleek look. When it is combined with cherry wood cabinets, it will shine. In case you are worried about the olive shade is going to clash with red-tone cabinets, keep other colors in the kitchen space minimal.

  • Navy

  • For a dramatic and rich kitchen look, choose cherry cabinets and navy paint. The color combination can create a little moodiness. However, you can balance the effect using bright elements, such as hanging copper pots and white cabinets in the kitchen. Paint just the lower half of the walls with inky blue and then add white backsplash tile. The end outcome will feel timeless and intentional.

  • Black

  • Black color can look splendid against cherry wood cabinets. The contrasting color brings out its warmth. Black color works well if you have a large kitchen space with enough natural light. In case you are working with a smaller kitchen, add an accent wall that will allow you to incorporate black paint on a more manageable scale. Accents in light colors, such as white curtains or gray backsplash can add a balance.

Choosing any one of these colors can make your kitchen look elegant and unique drawing the attention of the onlookers.

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