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How to Spot the Best Cherry Wood Cabinets for Your Kitchen?

Buying kitchen cabinets can be overwhelming. You have to consider the color, hardware, and style. After you decide all these, you have to ensure if the cabinet that you are getting is a quality product.

In case you have been wondering how to get the best cherry wood cabinets for your kitchen, you have come to the right place. When you have to choose a kitchen cabinet, you have to make the right choice.

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To make sure you are getting the best, here are some signs you need to look out for-

     1. All-Cherry Wood Construction

When you are inspecting the boxes of cherry wood kitchen cabinets, you need to check if the products are made of cherry wood. The best cabinets are cherry wood throughout. It makes sure that the cabinets hold their shape while it is being transported to your home.

Other woods are not as good as cherry wood as they might have less strength.

     2. Soft-Close Hinges

Often the hinges on the cherry kitchen cabinet for sale might seem unimportant but without them, you will not be able to open or close the cabinet doors smoothly. In case the hinges are weak or not made properly, the doors are going to become loose with time. Eventually, it will start to sag.

But the best cherry kitchen cabinets for sale will have the best quality hinges. They have a specially built mechanism to ensure that the door closes softly. The hardened steel hinge will have a nickel plate. So, the hinge adjusts six ways. You can change the door position if the wood contracts or expands.

Cabinet manufacturers have many options in hand when they have to choose the hardware for their project. Thus, you need to keep an eye out for manufacturers who are using cheaper products. A low-quality hinge is one that adjusts only four ways.

cherry kitchen cabinets

     3.Soft-Closing Drawer Glides

Another important thing that you need to look for is the drawer glides. It is an area where a manufacturer might cut corners. But it is important that a cabinet has quality glides if you want a silent and smooth drawer action. Drawers tend to carry a lot of weight and this makes it important to have a strongly made glide. In case the cabinet you are looking at has low-quality glides, you should avoid buying it as it will start to sag over time. They will also have the tendency to get stuck.

So, when you are buying a cherry wood or modern walnut cabinet with drawers, make sure that you pay attention to its glide. A poor-quality glide will not run the entire length of the drawer. Thus, the drawer will not open properly.

     4. Beam Construction

I-beams are placed on the upper parts of the cabinets at ground level. The beams have additional strength and make sure that the cherry wood or walnut cabinets hold their shape while being transported from the store to your house.

Cheaper I-beam alternatives are triangle-shaped gussets placed in the corners. These are stapled to the side of the cabinets and might not be strong enough. If your kitchen cabinets don’t have I-beams, they might change shape over time, sagging or bending.

Low-quality gussets of plastic or metal are not as strong as full I-beam cabinets. Hence, you should make sure that the cabinets that you are installing in your kitchen have I-beams.

     5. Modifications and Customizability

The customized modification adds many choices to your cabinets. It allows you to choose from different styles, colors, and other features as per your requirement. If you don’t get cabinets that are customizable, you might regret it in the future. With some adjustments, you can make the cabinet look new when required.


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