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Signs You Need to Upgrade Your White Shaker Cabinets

Do your kitchen cabinets appear a little dated? Sure, your white shaker cabinets in the kitchen have seen better days. But now, regardless of how much you clean them, they appear worn out and dirty.

So, if you are no longer happy with your kitchen, the issue might be with the white shaker cabinets. With a new set of cabinets, you can alter the look of the room in no time.

Not sure if it is the right time to change them? Look out for these tell-tale signs.

  • Dents and Scratches

Damage, such as dents, noticeable scratches, or cracks can have an impact on the look of the cabinet. Flawed cabinets can be an eyesore. In fact, they also reflect poorly on you.

Another common concern is water damage. In case the wood feels squishy and soft, it can be a red flag. This means that the wood has been damaged and is not in sound shape, structurally.

In case laws are only on the surface, resurfacing might be a good idea. But, noticeable damage, such as chips, water damage, or deep gauges cannot be repaired. In that case, it is better you replace them altogether.

  • Cabinets Don’t Match the House

In case the white shaker style cabinets do not match the feel and look of the house, it is a sign that you should replace them. You might have remodeled your dining or living room or have replaced the flooring. In that case, old cabinets might look like they are out of place.

All of these can spoil the house’s aesthetics. But upgrading or replacing the cabinets can make the house look seamless.

  • Cabinets Look Dated

Home décor styles come and go and if your white shaker kitchen cabinets are antique, it might be time to let them go. They are just affecting the value and look of your home. In case you are planning on renovating the kitchen anytime soon, it is the best way to swap out the old white cabinets and replace them with new ones. But make sure that you are happy with the kitchen design. Go for the styles and designs that work for you.

  • Insufficient Storage Space

In case your kitchen is looking cluttered and you are always searching for a place for your cookware or gadgets, it might be time to upgrade your vintage cabinet set. This will make more space for your kitchen items. With an upgradation, you can make your kitchen look more organized. If you do not have more space for the cabinets, you use smart cabinets to make the most of the space that is available to you. For instance, you switch the lower kitchen cabinets for deep drawers or just augment the height of the upper cabinets.

  • Inconvenient Cabinet Layout

The deep drawer in the kitchen cabinet might be the best option for storing in your pans and pots but it is not close to the stove or sink. Rushing from one end of your kitchen to the other whenever you are preparing a meal can be inconvenient. While a glass display cabinet is a good option for displaying your wine glasses or champagne flutes, it is the distance of the cabinet from the refrigerator can be a logistics problem whenever you are entertaining guests.

In case there is a problem with the layout of the cabinets, it might be time to upgrade. With the upgradation, you can make the kitchen design more functional.

  • Cabinets Always Appear Dirty

Cleaning your vintage white cabinets might make them look their best. However, there might come a time when cleaning them will not be enough. No matter whether it is damaged wood or fading paint, no amount of polishing or cleaning can bring the cabinets back to their original glory.

So, if your cabinets start looking dirty all the time, you should replace them.


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