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What Are The Significances of Different Woods For Kitchen Cabinets?


As you’re confused with what kind of wood to be used for the cabinets in your kitchen, you must consider a few things. This is obvious that you want the cabinet color to work well with the décor of the rest of the kitchen. This applies to the bathrooms as well. Nevertheless, not just the look, the material should be a good one in terms of durability. Unless the material is durable, the cabinetry won’t last long. Different kinds of woods have been used for centuries for kitchen cabinets. Each has its own merits and demerits.

Significances of different wood for kitchen cabinets

Let’s have a quick look at the benefits and drawbacks of various wood types for kitchen cabinets. Decide whether you want to go for cherry wood cabinets or walnut cabinets after going through their pros and cons.

  • Pinewood for cabinet doors – Well, in America, there’s no dearth of pine wood. But it’s not being used frequently for the cabinets. The reason is pine is softwood. It succumbs easily to scratches, dents, and gouges. Even then, many homeowners prefer to use this for their cabinets just because of its aesthetic appeal. It offers a cream-like hue which may vary from whiter to yellow. Pinewood also develops a rustic look over time. Though soft, the wood has resistance against swelling and shrinking. Therefore, it is durable in the long run if you take care of it. Usually, the wood is used for cabinet doors.

    cherry kitchen cabinets

  • Walnut wood for cabinets – It offers a brown to yellow color. It is strong and thus can be used for intricate designs. It has an ornate look. So, it is often used for antique-styled walnut kitchen cabinets. However, it is a bit expensive. But its color variation can run the gamut from lighter to darker.
  • Maple wood for cabinets– Maple is one of the most preferred choices in terms of kitchen cabinets. It offers a cream-like white look that sometimes comes with a reddish tint. It’s strong wood and thus can endure rough treatment that stands up over years. The grains of maple wood offer fewer variations in comparison to other woods. So, you may not get many waves and swirls in this wood variety. But stains on the wood may look blotchy if not sealed on time.
  • Cherry wood for cabinets – Many homeowners love cherry wood for their cabinets. Cherry kitchen cabinets have a rich and gorgeous color palette. They range from reddish-brown to deep red. Over years, the color gets darker. And whether it would be considered as a con or pro depends on your personal choice. The aesthetic traits of cherry wood don’t come inexpensive. Due to the cost factor, many homeowners can’t afford it for their cabinets even though they want to use the wood.
    cherry cabinets
  • Oak wood for cabinets – This hardwood is grainy and that gives it a rustic and rough appearance. The grains are prominent even on the highly finished pieces. The wood differs in color. However, it comes mostly in strips of brown, white, pink, and red. The wood is durable enough and can endure different conditions over time. But staining darkens the color and thus it exaggerates the grains creating a two-toned appearance.

Based on the aesthetic you want and the wear and tear you put on the cabinets, you can always choose the preferred wood for the cabinets that strikes a proper balance in terms of durability and style. This ensures that you will enjoy the beauty and functionality of the kitchen furniture for the time to come.


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