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How to Save Yourself from Burning A Hole in The Pocket for Bathroom Renovation?

So, you’re planning to provide your bathroom with a fresh look. Well, you don’t need to flush your funds down the toilet. Here are the tips that would help you save on bathroom renovation.

  • Plan beforehand – In the first place, you need to plan ahead of time sitting with a professional. It might sound expensive, but it is not actually. A professional can help you rest assured that the budget, design, and timeline are practical. He/she would also help you not to spend on unnecessary items or make any expensive mistake.
    bathroom vanities
  • Consider open shelving – A bathroom is a private place. But open shelves fit well there. They create an illusion of spaciousness. Just add some covered baskets and some drawers on the high shelves to accommodate your private goods, soaps, towels, and washes. It’s not needed to hide your bathroom décor in the dark closet. You may opt for discount bathroom vanities as well.
  • Avoid replacing plumbing – Most homeowners spend a major chunk of their bathroom remodeling budget on replacing existing piping. Relocation of the toilet or bathtub is not a matter of joke. Moving plumbing fixtures is always a costly proposition. So, ask your architect how you can renovate the restroom without changing the basic plumbing layout.
  • Update the toilet seat – Let’s have some shitty talk. While renovating the bathroom, don’t forget to replace the old toilet seat and its lid. You don’t need to toss out the entire porcelain perch. Change the two tops to give your room a new look. And with this, you can save both on buying the new unit and plumber installation charges.
  • Choose alternatives to tiles – It’s not necessary to decorate the bath with tiles from floor to ceiling. You can opt for board and batten, reclaimed wood panels, or beadboard. Though wood needs more maintenance, it gives a comfortable warm, and cozy vibe.

As it comes to bathroom renovation on a budget, the aforesaid tips can help you to a great extent.


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