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What Are The Right And Effective Ways To Save On The Cabinets For Your Kitchen?


Planning to buy kitchen cabinets on a strict budget? Getting prefabricated ones over the custom cabinets could be the right starting point. But you can save even more. Many considerable factors can help you to save. It might be the wood species you choose or the number of drawers you want to add. Some say that intricate designs would cost more. But this is not right always. Even if you add decorative details, you can still save on buying cabinets.

Tips to save on buying kitchen cabinets

  • Compare the design of the doors – You may have planned for a specific door style. But if you want to save money, consider two to three options, and then compare the costs. Door designs can make a huge difference in the cost of the RTA cabinet. Inset doors and raised panels are likely to enhance the cost. Sometimes, you can save with shaker doors. However, it depends on the cabinet maker. For savings, opt for slab doors, as well. They would give your kitchen a contemporary look without costing you an arm and a leg.

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  • Install open shelving instead of wall units – Shelves can be a pain to your bank account. They eat up the storage space. They also eat up your money on maintenance. So, it would be good if you think about open shelving rather than closed ones.
  • Choose the wood variety carefully – The right wood can help you save a huge amount of money. Oak, for instance, is always reasonable. Hickory would be costlier than oak. On the other hand, varieties like maple can enhance the price tag by up to a thousand dollars. Before finalizing ask the cabinet manufacturer about the costs of different wood species. And choose one that you can afford without compromising the quality. Modern RTA cabinets would be a good solution.
  • Laminate or thermofoil can be a good option – It’s not necessary to opt for an all-plywood design. Laminate and thermofoil can be pocket-friendly options. Thermofoil is durable and easy to maintain. It costs less than solid wood. Likewise, laminate is also less costly than wood. It gets better over time. However, it’s not so strong as wood. So, if you want to buy any of these two, you have to place de-lamination heat shields near the range. To provide extra protection against moisture, install a sink mat. As laminate or thermofoil is less expensive, you can use the savings towards adding details like corbels or crown moulding, to the cabinets.

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  • Adding full-extension slides or soft-close drawers is not necessary – Full-extension slides or soft-close drawers can be avoided to save a huge amount of money. They are perks. They are not essential as they don’t add any extra functionality or ensure a good look. You may rather use door pulls to avoid wear and tear. They are affordable and keep up the integrity of the drawers and door fronts. Even the best RTA kitchen cabinets usually don’t include such features and that makes them more affordable.
  • Avoid adding glaze to the stain or paint – Yes, adding a glaze is exciting as it ensures the aesthetics of the furniture. But a glaze is a costly proposition. It’s a want rather than a necessity. So, you can easily take it off the kitchen table.
  • Say ‘yes’ to more doors but ‘no’ to drawers – If you love raised panel door style and clean-looking timber such as maple, no need to worry about the cost. Drawer bases are costlier than standard bases. Therefore, avoid adding more drawers and use the savings for installing these two items.And this way you can save a good chunk of money on the cabinet unit.

These are some of the most effective tips following which you can save several hundred dollars on your kitchen renovation project.


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