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Reviews From Facebook

Jackie George (Via Facebook): We have purchased 2 kitchen sets from you. They look great and were definitely cost effective!!

Wendy Sears  (Via Facebook) : I’m in the middle of getting a quote. So far the process has been wonderful. The customer service is fantastic and goes out of their way to give me the details I want. Thanks

Kari L. Kruschke Lewis (Via Facebook) : Cabinets are going into our new kitchen as we speak! They look great! Thank you!

Reviews From yelp

Okay, so normally I wouldn’t be into writing reviews for a Home Depot location. However, the experience my friend and I had there a couple nights ago was amazing. I will go back there (versus my closer Home Depot) regularly.

We weren’t really clear what we were looking for, and it was obvious. The guy who was not even in a uniform said, “What do you need?” We told him and he sprung into action. He put is lunch pale down and started taking us to where we needed to go, and then went on to demonstrate the product’s use.

After all this, we found out he works there and hadn’t yet checked in for the day. His name is Tom, and I could not be more impressed with an employee of any firm!

Mitchell F.

Saint Paul, USA

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