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Questions to Ask Yourself Before Getting a White Kitchen Cabinet

White Cabinet


When it comes to all-white kitchen trends, there is nothing not to love. It has plenty of clean lines, a super-sleek aesthetic, and an airy vibe that is definitely Instagram-worthy. However, is the idea of a white kitchen cabinet better than the reality of one? It primarily depends on your lifestyle.

While the trend is attractive, if you plan on a remodel, it is crucial to consider how a white kitchen cabinet might hold up in your daily life. From daily cooking routine to how often you clean. Don’t forget to consider the wear and tear.

In case you are tempted by the pristine look of white cabinets, consider these important questions before you take the leap.

1. What’s Your Budget?

Like with everything in life, the first thing you need to reflect on is how much you would like to spend on your new white kitchen cabinets. For instance, antique white kitchen cabinets can be beautiful but if you choose for a low to medium-quality cabinet, it will not be durable in the long run.

Similarly, if you add a high-gloss finish, it will cost you a lot of money. however, applying a smooth surface like this can make the kitchen cabinets easier to clean and wipe down. So, make sure that you consider your budget carefully. Don’t forget to take the hidden costs into account and then check if the final price tag matches the money, you have set aside for the cabinets.

2. How Often Do You Usually Cook?

While the logical function of the kitchen is to prepare meals, not every kitchen will experience the same amount of cooking time. If you are someone who loves to whip up big meals for your family or like hosting your best pals on a Sunday, then it is always a good idea to consider how often you will be using the kitchen. While you can choose white kitchen cabinets if you love cooking, the more activity it sess implies the chances for spills, stains, and other marks increase, automatically. But you should be ready to take on the potential maintenance that comes with it.

3. How Much Sunlight does the Cooking Space Get?

White wholesale cabinet sets and countertops can turn yellow over time if exposed to excessive amounts of direct sunlight. In case not protected properly, the yellow effect can lead to a major effect after just a few years.

Before you commit to an all-white kitchen, try taking note of the kitchen and the natural light cycle it gets every day. It will help in figuring out the areas of the room that can be harmed. Installing shades and curtains can be a lifesaver in this case and in case you are still not sure, don’t be afraid to talk about it to your interior designer or contractor.

4. How Often do You Want to Clean?

You might be ready to commit to a rigorous cleaning schedule for now but will be able to stick to it in the future. White discount kitchen cabinets and countertops are high-maintenance options and it is difficult to get around that. Dark surfaces will show each smudge and crack, but lighter options surely will.

Apart from wiping the cabinets regularly, you have to dust more than once a week, wiping off the fingerprint smudges continuously and swabbing up the grime and grease whenever it accumulates. You have to use an exhaust hood every time you cook since it helps eliminate particles from soiling and attaching the kitchen cabinets.

5. Are You Invested Long Term?

To pursue the popular all-white trend, you have to be honest with yourself. It is a big commitment of not just your money but also your time. Also, your chores list is only going to increase. Consider if you will still be happy with the white cabinets in 5 years. Before you take the leap, think long-term.

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