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Pros and Cons of Installing Cherry Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets play a fundamental role in shaping the essence of kitchen designs. Their influence extends to the visual harmony of other kitchen elements and the overall architectural composition. In contemporary times, numerous homeowners are veering away from the widely embraced conventional white kitchen cabinets. Instead, they are embracing the allure of natural solid wood cabinetry, which imparts a richer depth to their kitchen spaces. One of the most common choices is cherry wood cabinets. But before you install cherry kitchen cabinets, take a look at their pros and cons.

Cherry cabinet

Pros of Cherry Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Opting for cherry wood shaker cabinets offers exceptional value for your investment. Beyond the financial aspect, several other compelling reasons underscore their excellence as a cabinetry choice.

1. Guaranteed Strength and Durability

Cherry wood cabinets boast remarkable durability and stability, standing the test of time for decades. Their exceptional resistance to wear and tear sets them apart as they outshine other types of wooden cabinets.

Furthermore, a plethora of styles, finishes, and colors await your selection to match any kitchen design. Customizable and adaptable, cherry wood cabinets can be tailored to your specific preferences and needs.

2. Easy to Maintain

Cherry RTA cabinets stand out for their straightforward cleaning and upkeep, setting them apart from alternative kitchen cabinet materials. They offer the flexibility of being repainted, restained, or refinished based on the owner’s preferences, a feature less common with other cabinet materials. Should scratches mar their doors, sanding can rectify the issue, and if needed, a fresh finish can be applied.

3. Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

Cherry wood, as a naturally renewable resource, has minimal environmental impact compared to cabinets made from petroleum-based products. For homeowners seeking safe and eco-friendly options in their kitchens, cherry wood cabinets are an ideal choice.

4. Beautiful and Luxurious

To elevate the elegance of your kitchen, consider opting for luxurious, dark-toned solid wood cabinets. The presence of hardwood cabinets imparts a sense of warmth and inviting charm upon entering the kitchen. It’s akin to being embraced by exceptional craftsmanship. Cherry cabinets, with their exquisite appearance, imbue any kitchen area with a timeless, natural, and enduring essence.

5. Increases Home Value

Cherry cabinets possess a strong resale value that endures when properly cared for. Unlike various other trendy and budget-friendly materials that depreciate over time, cherry cabinets maintain their worth.

For those contemplating the potential sale of their home down the line, this is a factor worth pondering while making a decision about cabinet selection.

Cons of Cherry Wood Kitchen Cabinets

As for cherry cabinets, the following are the potential cons associated with using them.

1. Relatively Expensive

Cherry wood kitchen cabinets come with a slightly higher price tag compared to other cabinet-making materials like particleboard, plywood, laminate, and similar options.

The elevated cost of solid wood cabinets is attributed to their exceptional durability, customizable nature, and top-notch quality, rendering them an ideal choice for upscale residences.

2. High Maintenance

To guarantee the enduring quality of wooden kitchen cabinets, it’s essential to provide them with appropriate care. Specific cleaning solutions and proper sealing are necessary for their countertops and drawers to maintain their optimal condition.

However, these cleaning products often carry a notable cost, and the maintenance of cabinets can be demanding and time-intensive. Nevertheless, the effort is justified, considering the significant extension it contributes to the cabinets’ longevity over the years.

3. Prone to Water Damage

It’s widely recognized that cherry wood is notably responsive to moisture. Additionally, the moisture levels within solid wood can lead to expansion and contraction due to shifts in climate, resulting in the cabinets becoming distorted over time.

Nonetheless, there’s no cause for concern, as this issue can be effectively averted by applying a top-notch veneer coating or laminate on all surfaces of the cabinets when you buy RTA cabinets.

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