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Pros and Cons of Choosing RTA Cabinets for Your Kitchen

Contemplating RTA cabinets but feeling undecided? This list of RTA cabinet advantages and disadvantages can steer you in the right direction.Are you in the midst of a kitchen renovation? Revamping or upgrading cabinets is a guaranteed method to infuse a renewed vibe into your home’s most frequented space. If new cabinets are on your horizon, it’s worth contemplating RTA, or Ready to Assemble cabinets.

The query remains, what do RTA cabinet pros and cons entail? Is their installation worth considering? So, in this blog, we are going to consider the top pros and cons of RTA cabinets.

RTA Cabinet

Pros of RTA Kitchen Cabinets

Here we are going to take a look at the advantages of RTA discount cabinets.

1. Affordable

Engaged in a budget-friendly home renovation? RTA cabinets offer a fantastic avenue for cost reduction. Among the leading strategies for economizing on home enhancements involves tackling as much of the labor on your own as feasible.

Among the numerous advantages of selecting RTA cabinets is their diverse range of options. You have the flexibility to determine your preferred budget allocation for them.

Moreover, the complete installation process is your responsibility. If you’re adept with tools like a hammer, this could translate to substantial savings, bypassing the need to hire a contractor for the installation.

2. Easy to Install

Are you skilled at following video tutorials and clear, step-by-step instructions? If that’s the case, RTA cabinets present an ideal solution for effortlessly installing cabinets that boast a professional finish.

The majority of RTA cabinets are accompanied by either online video instructions or a straightforward printed guide.

Moreover, manufacturers or suppliers typically offer exceptional customer service. They understand that you might not possess advanced carpentry skills, so they provide customer service phone numbers to assist with any installation queries you may have.

When it comes to home improvements, few tasks are easier than installing RTA walnut cabinets.

3. Speedy Shipping

For those seeking swift kitchen updates, RTA cabinets usually have a faster shipping time compared to other cabinet types. This is due to the compact size of RTA cabinets, occupying less space in transportation trucks than pre-assembled alternatives.

Furthermore, once your order is confirmed, manufacturers can promptly load your RTA modern walnut cabinets onto the delivery truck. Essentially, they are prepared for shipping shortly after your order is placed.

Cons of RTA Kitchen Cabinets

Check out the drawbacks of installing RTA kitchen cabinets.

1. Unforeseen Expenses

In broad terms, RTA cabinets consistently offer a more budget-friendly path in comparison to pre-assembled cabinets or engaging a contractor.

Nevertheless, should significant errors occur during installation, the possibility of incurring additional expenses for repairs arises. This stands as one of the primary reasons why projects can exceed their initial budget.

The attempt to economize on renovations through DIY efforts, only to later enlist a professional for repairs, can indeed lead to frustration. Hence, when considering RTA cabinets, it’s crucial to ensure a clear understanding of the commitment you’re undertaking.

2. Takes Time to Install

The assessment of RTA cabinet pros and cons is significantly influenced by the homeowner’s familiarity. For instance, for those who have previous experience with RTA cabinet installation, the process might prove swift and straightforward.

Yet, for individuals new to RTA installation, there are numerous intricate steps that need to be followed accurately.

For instance, the initial step involves reading through the instructions carefully. You might also find it beneficial to watch instructional videos a few times. While certain RTA manufacturers claim that installation can be completed in approximately 30 minutes per cabinet, this holds true for those who have attained proficiency in installation.

On average, most homeowners can expect to invest more than an hour for the installation of each cabinet.

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