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Is It Possible to Provide Old White Kitchen Cabinets with A Fresh Makeover on A Budget?


An all-white kitchen is a dream for many homeowners. White cabinets along with other ensembles are the staple to a white kitchen. It is classy and elegant. Simple palettes always create a soothing ambiance inside the kitchen. It is even truer for a white one. On the other hand, the white cabinets are versatile. You can add bold color or delicate interior details to your cabinets.

White Kitchen Cabinets

Tips to give your white cabinets a makeover

A simple and clean look for the kitchen is what the homeowners look for. But it doesn’t mean that the kitchen looks dull and doom. If you’re fond of classic white cabinets while wanting to provide them with some extra yet elegant flair, here are some tips to turn your old white kitchen cabinets into fresh ones.

  • Inclusion of modern hardware –Add rich hardware to the kitchen design. You may install matte black or gold handles and knobs. Use catchy finishes and metallic surfaces for a bit of contrast to the overall design. You may include a contemporary kitchen tap to make the space attractive. Metallic faucets, for example, enhance the beauty of white while diminishing the dullness. Faucets, fixtures, décor, and cabinets as a whole give a creative and cohesive look to the kitchen.
  • Use wood and brass – As you know, dark metals provide a cool vibe. But brass is a bit different. It provides the cooking area with warmth. You may combine the rich brown hue of brass and wood to create an inviting ambiance inside the kitchen. Moreover, the contrast of wood and metal lends a white kitchen an exciting charm. You may use various color combinations to enjoy an ideal palette for the space. Install wooden shelves featured with brass brackets to integrate this idea.
    classic white kitchen
  • Black is eye-catchy–Dark colors break up the mundaneness of an all-white ensemble. They introduce a rich variation along with strong accents. Black pulls look great against a white kitchen cabinet. They give the gorgeous white kitchen a pinch of boldness. The bold accent is best defined by matte black.
  • Gray is love – The combination of gray and white is the epitome of monochromatic art. If you’re not sure of the dark hues such as black, consider gray as its substitute. Visit the paint store and ask them to paint the base cabinets with your chosen shade of gray. It will add elemental dimension to the cupboards and doors. Gray cabinets on the island offset white cabinetry while lending an attractive gradient. Moreover, the contrast gives the cabinets a curated appearance.
  • Dual-tone is artistic – Though the tips are regarding giving a makeover to the white finished cabinets, let’s talk about trendy dual tones. The trend transforms the kitchen design completely. Try with a bold color such as navy blue or black to the cabinetry design to make the entire look of the room stunning. You can use a white sink with bold colored base-cabinets to infuse two-trend in the classic white kitchen.
  • Add mirrors – Antique mirror glasses on the cabinet doors create an innovative space-faking illusion. Moreover, you can use the glass door as a mirror as well while cooking. Add brass hardware to the cabinets. A milk-glass chandelier would make the room brighter and lighter while creating the illusion of spaciousness.

Why should you allow an elegant white palette to intimidate you with the versatility? Neutral colors are like a blank slate where you can draw anything. An all-white kitchen leaves you with numerous possibilities to turn the kitchen into a beautiful and never-before one.


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