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All You Need to Know About Cherry Wood Cabinets

Cherry wood cabinets are a staple for traditional kitchen styles and designs. They are being used for a hundred years. carpenters and woodworkers rely on cherry wood for its hard texture, material, goodshock resistance, and quality. But often, it can be costlier than other hardwoods, such as maple wood or oak.

The durability of cherry cabinets is an investment that you are going to enjoy for several years. Moreover, cherry wood cabinets are available in various finishes. Hence, you can customize your cherry kitchen cabinets to fit your choice or style of kitchen accessories.

Cherry Wood Cabinets

But before you get your cherry cabinets, here are some of the details you need.

1. Characteristics

Cherry wood is wood with closed-grain with colors, which vary from light brown to light white. In fact, the grain is so diverse that you might find curls, pin knots, gum streaks, and random swirls. Even though hardwood has been used in traditional furniture styles, its versatility lends itself to a modern and sleek style kitchen.

In case your kitchen gets enough natural sunlight, the cherry cabinets might darken quite easily. When choosing your cabinets, it is better to go for the color that you are going to enjoy even if it turns a little darker.

2. Finishes

When it comes to cabinetry, cherry wood is the top choice because of its distinctive and unpredictable aging procedure. Another benefit of cherry wood kitchen cabinets is that finishes and stains quite well and gives it a smooth finish. No matter whether you with a classic deep cherry glaze or light color variation, cherry cabinets will make your kitchen space appear inviting and warm.

Albeit, it might take a variety of finishes and stains if you really want to capture the character of this wood, go for glazed, varnished, or a natural oil finish.

In case you have a traditional kitchen, you should opt for all-glazed cherry wood kitchen cabinets. The glaze coats and protects the darker stains place on the cabinets and protects its rich and beautiful color.

Even though the darker color is related to cherry wood, leaving the natural brown color with reddish-brown undertones is ideal when you are putting the kitchen together and adds character to your kitchen.

cherry kitchen cabinet

3. Cost

When you are choosing cherry discount kitchen cabinets for remodeling your kitchen, you might have to pay a little more than you pay for oak or maple.  For a more affordable option, which gives you that rich cherry look, try RTA kitchen cabinets in birch, maple, or ash with a cherry-type finish. You can also consider demo work, custom fitting, and custom installation aspects, in your budget.

The best way to put together a budget for the renovation of the kitchen is to, begin with, a kitchen design. It will help in building a layout and account for any additional things you might need in the kitchen.

Is Cherry Cabinets Good for the Kitchen?

Due to its reddish and rich undertones, cherry wholesale kitchen cabinets will look beautiful on theirown but might also take darker stains better than the other hardwoods that are available. Hence, it can be an excellent choice for your kitchen cabinet. No matter whether you are choosing deep red or light brown, cherry cabinets will give warmth and life to any kitchen space.

Since they are a multitude of color options and an unpredictable aging process, cabinets made of cherry wood don’t go out of style. Regardless of whether you want a farm-style or cozy kitchen with toasted brown cherry kitchen cabinets will look luxurious. It can brighten up the kitchen and will make it appear sophisticated.  The easy-to-carve and sand can fit any style or design. It has different variations for you to check out.

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