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Give a Modern Customization to Your Walnut Cabinets with Us

When any new homeowners walk into our store looking for the most amazing natural solid wood cabinetry for designing a warm bright cheerful and welcoming kitchen, they always pick walnut cabinets. Made of solid walnut wood, this cabinetry comes in a golden glow with a natural grainy texture that adds an amazing character to the kitchen interior.

If you are coming to us at GEC Cabinet Depot for customizing your walnut cabinets in the most modern way, we can offer you the following things.

modern walnut cabinets

Steel Hardware

While walnut kitchen cabinets come in golden brown color like a traditional cabinet, the steel hardware can give it a modern twist. These handles will be sleek and easy to hold. The main aim of this is to add functionality to your kitchen with this type of cabinet.

White Backsplash

As all our esteemed customers know that we offer complete kitchen renovation, we can add a white shiny backslash that will scream modern with your modern walnut cabinets. Though backsplash doesn’t occupy a lot of areas, yet it can easily transform the look of your kitchen, making it modern, contrasting and gorgeous. So, if you are looking for a subtle contrast in your kitchen design, we are here for you.

Dark Granite Countertop

The countertop of the kitchen is the busiest area. Visually, it is influential too. So, when you are going for a dark granite countertop with your walnut cabinets, you can create a very sleek and modern appeal and vibe for your kitchen. It is also an amazing and functional choice as it will conveniently hide the dirt. And most importantly, when you install the bright lights in the kitchen or use a huge window to let the natural light come in, the glowing walnut and the shiny granite will create the warmest appeal for your kitchen.

For more such creative ideas, come to us today. Dial (612)877-6999 now to talk to our experts.


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