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How to Make Your Dull White Kitchen Warm Interesting and Welcoming?


Though white is the simplest color, a white kitchen isn’t as simple as it looks. If not decorated properly, the room can look boring and stark. This is even truer as it comes to a white kitchen. There are many hard surfaces in a kitchen like flooring, worktops, cabinetry, and appliances. Together they make the kitchen feel sterile.

However, if you choose the right materials, texture and light, and white shaker kitchen cabinets, your kitchen can be interesting, warm, and welcoming.

Tips to make a white kitchen gorgeous

Here are some great tips to turn your boring kitchen into the kitchen of your dream.

  • Layer different white shades

The sterile look can be well prevented by mixing the shades of white. Using only a single shade can make the room look flat. Instead, choose three to four shades and apply them to different materials inside the room to add dimension. It will make the space interesting as well. But don’t mix cool whites with warm ones. Warm hues look yellowish while the cool ones look bluish. Paint retailers are likely to present cool whites and warm whites individually and that would help you choose the right colors. Choose the right white kitchen cabinet as well.

white kitchen cabinets

  • Instill one statement-making material

    Whether a white cooking room will look well designed depends on the finished materials being used. Carrara marble, for example, has a rich visual effect that creates a statement. Besides, restrict materials with movements like any flowing pattern in the marble. Use one element like a countertop or a backsplash.  Subtler materials used for other surfaces make the statement-maker appear vibrant.

  • Add texture

    Adding materials with different textures in terms of both tactility and visuality will bring depth to the white cooking area. You can mix a shiny texture with a matte one. Also,a rough texture can be mixed with a smooth one to ensure a dynamic look.

antique white kitchen cabinets

  • Bring in accent colors

    Splashes of color in the white kitchen allow to play up the cabinets. Go for a small number of contrasting shades – maybe one two or three. Now repeat the shades in the accessories to pull the entire theme together. You may try adding colors to places like lighting fittings, seating, rugs, countertop canisters, hardware, and backsplashes.

  • Having natural light is a boon

    If your kitchen gets plenty of natural light coming through the skylight or from the window, you’re lucky. The light enhances the brightness to a great extent. It appears to be airy as well. Window treatments in the adjacent rooms can make a huge difference. Use shades that may be pulled up entirely during the day. This will allow more lighting to filter into the room. You may use white shaker cabinets to keep the home bright.

  • Keep the things soft

    Fabrics can bring softness and pattern into white kitchens. Proper window treatment can do this perfectly. You may use fabrics through small rugs or floor runners. Choosing bar stools with fabric covering rather than leather covering can be a good option.

  • Topping the island is important

    The island should stand apart from the rest of the kitchen. And you can do this by topping the same with a different material or color. Such a contrast breaks up the room while providing the eyes with a pleasant and relaxing resting place.

  • Add texture to the kitchen backsplash

    A white backsplash is always an amazing focal point. But it can be done more interestingly with a textured material or patterns like a three-dimensional tile, mosaic stone, herringbone, or painted brick pattern. The backsplash is the key thing that people notice while walking into the kitchen. And since it’s not a huge area, go bold with the textured or patterned pick.

These are just a few important notes following which you can give your dull white kitchen an interesting look and feel.


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