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What Are the Major Benefits of Having RTA Cabinets for Your Kitchen?


Are you planning to buy kitchen cabinets? Why don’t you consider getting RTA or ready-to-assemble units for the kitchen? The cabinets are reasonably priced and thus a good solution for homeowners who want to remodel their kitchen without breaking the bank. Many people get scared about the low-quality ones available in the chain stores. But you always have the option to get high-quality RTA units.

Reasons to choose RTA cabinets

Here are the key reasons behind choosing RTA kitchen cabinets for your home.

  • Saving money – This is perhaps the most prominent reason to buy ready-to-assemble units. You can put together the pieces on your own without hiring a professional and thus it ensures cost savings. In fact, with RTA units you can get more bang for your bucks. If you compare them with the pre-assembled ones, you will find that they are a better bet in terms of material, quality, and finish. Still, RTA units cost less than the tailored units. Therefore, you can save money that you can use for other elements of the kitchen renovation project. And if you don’t want to spend, just keep the money aside.
    save money with using RTA cabinet
  • More options – RTA units are actually more customizable in comparison to the pre-configured units. Some stores provide you with options for both finished and unfinished cabinets. Moreover, you can choose individual parts to create cabinetry as per your choice. Pre-assembled counterparts can’t be personalized as the work has already been done.
    functional kitchen cabinet
  • Quick delivery – To customize pre-assembled units, you need to visit the shop and suggest customization. Though it’s appreciable to create customize cabinetry, it takes much time to get the final product created and delivered to your doorstep. You will need to wait for a good chunk of time to get the furniture shipped. On the other hand, it takes less time for delivery of the assemble yourself cabinets. If you’re waiting for the items to get delivered and start your project fast, a long waiting time could be frustrating for you.
  • Accomplishment – One of the great things about RTA units is you put the parts together on your own. If you have a knack for building things, you will find this interesting. It ensures a sense of accomplishment and pride to remodel the furniture. Whenever you will look at the cabinets installed by you, a sense of fulfillment will work. You don’t need to compulsorily be a handy person. RTA cabinets come with a user manual. Follow the instructions written over there to assemble the products. This is an easy process that anyone with a screwdriver in hand can manage.
    custom kitchen cabinet
  • Less damage during transit – Fully assembled cabinets typically shipped in heavy huge bulky boxes. It increases the risks of damage during transit. Besides, RTA units are packaged and delivered in flat-packs. So, they are simpler to handle and ship, even a long distance. This not only lowers the freight costs but also reduces the chances of being damaged during shipment. Such flat boxes are loaded onto the carrying vehicles so that they maximize the space while allowing them to be loaded as well as unloaded easily and fast.

As it comes to buying RTA kitchen units, you can reap the discussed benefits.


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