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How to Maintain Your RTA Kitchen Cabinets to Keep Them in a Spick and Span Condition?


Everyone wants their kitchen to be spacious and stylish. And RTA kitchen cabinets would be a great option for them. Irrespective of the kitchen themes, you will find cabinets that match the rest part of the room.

The best thing about the RTA cabinet is that you can personalize the fit as per available space and existing décor. Moreover, they are made from high-quality materials and you can easily assemble them. But if you want them to serve you for years, you must be careful about their maintenance. They should be properly maintained to ensure an enhanced and active lifetime.

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Perfect maintenance includes regular cleaning, SOS repairs, and other jobs to amplify the life of the kitchen furniture. If the furniture is not maintained properly, it will start malfunctioning after the installation. Moreover, RTA units may suffer massive damages requiring you to replace the same prematurely. Besides, if the repairs are done on time, the units can soon become a serious safety hazard.

Tips to maintain RTA kitchen units

  • Periodic cleaning

    Oil and grease are the biggest enemies of RTA or ready to assemble kitchen units. As you cook, they will be integrated into the smoke. Eventually, the smoke settles on the cabinets resulting in the oil getting into contact with the cabinets. Using of splatter shield or a kitchen chimney can be a good option to reduce the accumulation of the oil. But cleaning, at the end of the day, is needed to remove already accumulated oil. If you want to start using a new cleaning product, make sure you test it on a small area of the discount kitchen cabinet. This will help you check if the cleaning agent affects the finishing of the furniture. But if you don’t want to try any new agent, carry on with the solution of soapy water. This is the best way to deal with oily surfaces. However, you should always use a soft cloth for cleaning. A rough and dry piece of cloth can damage the cabinet by leaving scratches. If the units have a stained natural woody finish, furniture oil or polish can be applied followed by the cleaning process. This keeps the cabinets moistened and resistant to humidity. This oil helps to restore the original oil finish of the wood leaving the unit to look sparkly.

  • Deep cleaning

    Irrespective of how much effort you put to clean the dirt and oil off the cabinet surface, some will still sneak, especially into the nooks and corners. While wiping the top surfaces, don’t miss the areas around the hinges and hardware. These areas are very likely to accumulate dirt and grease. You can clean such areas by disassembling the unit for deep cleaning. Hire a professional for deep cleaning. The person should remove the hardware and clean every part independently. Clean the areas around the outline of the hardware. Remove the doors for cleaning as well though it’s not strictly essential. If there is any stubborn stain on the unit, the use of baking soda can be beneficial. Use a non-abrasive wet sponge for removing such stains right after applying the baking soda. But before applying this chemical, don’t forget to try it on a small area. If the hardware of the cabinets gets faded over years and they don’t seem appealing anymore, you may think about a replacement. The cost of hardware replacement won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Moreover, they are really a great idea to face lift the appearance of the kitchen cabinets RTA.

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  • Regular maintenance

    Apart from cleaning, you should also ensure that your cabinets don’t get regular exposure to moisture. People have a common habit of hanging wet towels on the cabinet units. Avoid this as water can badly damage the finish of the furniture. It leaves stains as well. Use a towel rack to place wet towels instead. If there is any water spillage or if you spill any substance on the surface of the wholesale kitchen cabinet, wipe it off immediately with a soft cloth. Don’t leave any oily food particles or spills to sit on the units. They can stain and discolor the surface. Moreover, once they get dried off, it would be difficult to clean them later. It’s highly recommended that you don’t use any commercial spray or wax. They contain silicon creating a barrier over the wood surface making it impossible to refinish. On the other hand, wax attracts dust as well as other pollutants that can severely damage the look of the cabinet. If the pollutants stick on the furniture, you may have to face a hard time cleaning them.

These are just a few of many techniques following which you can keep your RTA kitchen unit looking nice and being active for years.


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