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How to Maintain the Beauty and Sheen of Your Kitchen without Much Effort and Time?


Everything needs care and maintenance. From the house to the car – you need to take care of everything, and the kitchen is no different. Your kitchen needs your attention and care as well. Though the room undergoes a harsh environment daily, its maintenance is easy and quick. Here are a few quick tips to keep the health of this room up.

Kitchen cleaning and maintenance

  • Periodic cleaning is a must – You might be a neat and clean cook. But it doesn’t mean that you won’t need to maintain the kitchen and the cabinets. The oil and grease generated from cooking are the biggest adversaries to modern RTA kitchen cabinets. The grease and oil particles get aerosolized and integrated with the steam. You can’t stop this. You can use a splatter shield and an outside-vented range hood. But they have their own maintenance issues. Nevertheless, even if you use them, you need to clean the cabinets.

    modern RTA kitchen cabinets.

    As you start using a new cleaning product, first you test it on a small area. While cooking, you deal with oil. And you surely need something to cut through it. An easy and gentle way to do this is to use mild soapy water. Dish soap is harsher than hand soap. But the former leaves a minimal residue. And thus, experts recommend using dish soap to keep the kitchen cabinets clean. Use a sponge or a piece of clean cloth. But don’t use any scratchy material such as steel wool.

    If the cabinets are made from stained natural wood, then you should use furniture oil or polish to restore the natural oil of the wood while protecting the same from humidity and moisture.

  • Occasional deep cleaning is recommended – Irrespective of how often you clean the kitchen, the dirt, and grime will sneak into every nook and corner of the kitchen. They are even more prominent around the hinges and hardware. So, it is highly recommended that once every few years, deep clean the kitchen. Get it done professionally. The professionals are likely to partially disassemble the RTA kitchen cabinets and remove visible hardware. This will allow you to clean every part independently and well. Don’t forget to clean the wood around the outlines. Removing the doors and cleaning around is not a bad idea though it’s not essential. As the hardware is removed, you might think about changing it. Replacing the hardware won’t be a very costly proposition. You may think about it. This will give the kitchen a facelift as well. Your kitchen will look refreshed. Moreover, replacement of the hardware will save your energy, effort, and time in comparison to cleaning the old pieces. However, this is not a MUST idea. You may just give it a thought.

    RTA cabinets

  • Touch-up and maintenance are essential – Accidents can happen anytime. Moreover, things get worn and torn over time. Installing Modern RTA cabinets would be a good idea considering this aspect. If you need to repair minor wear or trivial damages, just replace that part. It’s not required to change the whole cabinetry.

Is there a sticking drawer? Replace the glides of the drawer. If the door is smacking nastily while being closed, install soft-close dampers.

In case of cosmetic damages such as scratches and dings, use wax pencils or a DIY repair kit. With them, you may correct the damage like a professional. But before applying anything new, just clean around the area.

So, don’t worry. Go for a new kitchen or renovate the existing one. Maintenance is not rocket science. You can do it yourself easily and confidently.


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