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Looking For Kitchen Cabinets? 3 Styles That Are Trending

At GEC Cabinet Depot we have been in the business of kitchen cabinetry for many years. What have we learnt from our experience? Customer tastes are constantly evolving. There are trends that emerge and slowly peak. So if you are looking to upgrade your kitchen and add replace your existing cabinets, what should you opt for? Here are three styles that have been trending in the kitchen cabinets market in the recent times and you can give them a try –

white kitchen cabinets

  • Cherry Wood Cabinets–Looking for something magical for your next set of kitchen cabinetry? Cherry wood kitchen cabinets would fit into your bill perfectly. These have been crafted to perfection with an artistic touch that can turn your old looking kitchen into a modern space. The rich-tone of the color makes it stand out among other kitchen cabinets which have made it the most popular choice in the recent times.
  • Glazed Maple Cabinets–There is something special about Glazed Maple cabinets that make them an all-time favorite with homeowners. These cabinets add richness to your kitchen. Our collection is even more special as we add a “burnt sienna” finish that adds richness to your kitchen. The raised trim accents highlights these cabinets would inspire you to spend more time in your kitchen.
  • White Shaker Cabinets – If you want to imbibe the old Victorian style of cabinetry into your kitchen space, the white shaker cabinets would be your perfect pick. White color apart from being classy adds serenity to your life. If you have a small sized kitchen or don’t have the desired amount of natural light creeping in this would be a perfect choice for you. White cabinetry creates a sense of space and also makes your kitchen appear brighter.

So which one are you planning to install in your kitchen? If you have any doubts or queries about the cherry wood cabinets or the other two that we have mentioned here you can call us at (612) 877 6999. Our experts would guide you towards making the right choice based on your needs, budget and lifestyle.

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