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What Are The Key Benefits Of Having Shaker-Style Cabinets For Your Kitchen?


The decision of kitchen renovation is likely to be steeped in questions. The questions may be related to anything – from the style options considering the kitchen look and layout, to construction. And you will also find questions like how to save on installation, which contractors are good, whether you will go for top-shelf cabinets, and so on. In any of the cases, the kitchen cabinets play the most crucial role in terms of a kitchen renovation project.

If you want the kitchen to convey a conventional style through vintage kitchen cabinets with mass contemporary appeal, shaker cabinets can be considered as the right option. The units offer incomparable elegance to the kitchen and make the room standing out to your guests and friends while being sensible and pragmatic.

shaker kitchen cabinets

Reasons to choose shaker cabinets 

There are a bunch of reasons to choose a shaker cabinet for your kitchen and some of them are as follows:

  • Easy availability

    With an eternal and unmistakable modern design, solid wood shaker kitchen units are found in many designs and finishes. The basic simplicity of the build makes the furniture perfect to construct with durable and superior quality materials.

  • Minimal maintenance

    They don’t need hectic maintenance. Just a soft wipe down regularly is enough to keep them in the best condition. It’s not required to clean them constantly. Extra designs that you can see in other cabinet door styles are vulnerable to dust, grease, and debris. And they spread all over the cabinetry making your cleaning job a tiresome one. With shaker doors, you can avoid the pressure of constant cleaning and maintenance.

  • A contemporary look and feel with a touch of the past

    The recessed panel in the doors of the cabinets are the signature hailing to a time that goes back decades in the most unique and the finest craftsmanship. Shaker cabinets are like ancient artifacts. New designs from modern engineers ensure that they look updated. The absence of crown molding and raised panels confirms their position in modern kitchens.

  • Flawless and timeless look

    Traditional designs of the shaker cabinets propose styles, which stand the test of time. In spite of the introduction of new fashion statements in the kitchen renovation field, many homeowners love to lean on classical things and shaker cabinets are one of them. They are simple in terms of design while the doors ensure an alluring aesthetic presence through their basic yet straightforward look. Owing to the simplicity associated with eye-catchy detailing, they match with modern door styles, quite well.
    White shaker cabinet

  • Affordability

    White shaker cabinets have a price benefit. They are easy to build and install. Buying shaker units is one of the most pocket-friendly options for the feel and appearance of a new or remodeled kitchen. Yes, the units are financially sensible. Moreover, their timeless look ensures that you don’t have to replace them frequently saving you a good amount of money.

  • Ample color options

    Though white is the most common color for shaker doors, you will find them in other colors as well. You can apply any type of paint or colored laminate to suit the overall design of the cabinet. The best thing about them is that they don’t ruin or overshadow the original look of the cabinet if you’re fond of a hardcore conventional design.

The selection of quality kitchen cabinets within the budget may seem to be an unachievable goal. But if you choose the right cabinets from the right retailers like GEC Cabinet Depot, you will win in terms of money without compromising the quality and look. Shaker cabinet styles can be a viable option for you.


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