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What Are The Key Advantages Of Having The Right Vanities For Your Bathroom?


Homeowners usually expect to have functional and aesthetically appealing cabinets in their kitchen as there are a lot of things to store in that room. Unfortunately, they don’t have the same approach towards the bathroom. Well, there are toiletry supplies and towels to keep. And those typically go on the shelves or linen closets in some area of the toilet. But some homeowners consider having bathroom cabinets to be a nice idea.

bathroom vanitie

Benefits of bathroom cabinets

Having modern bathroom vanities is a fantastic way to make a bathroom more functional and good-looking. There are many benefits to having vanities in the bathroom and some of them are as follows:

  • Keep things out of sight

    The most eminent advantage of bathroom cabinetry is to store the stuff safely without being visible. Shelves are a good idea for storing things. With them, things remain visible. But, that goes well with neat and perfectly color-coordinated bathrobes and towels. What will you do with the bulk of discolored old towels, hairdryers, irons, hair products, toilet paper, soap dispensers, and all those things? How would you keep them out of sight? Bathroom cabinets may come as a savior. They are the best to hide unsightly pipes of the sinks while giving support for the quartz worktops or granite countertops. Having cabinets under the sink is useful to hide toilet brushes, cleaning products, sponges, and so on.

  • Save bathroom space

    It’s not necessary to have the bathroom vanity cabinets only under the sink. Why don’t you mount them on the bathroom walls? This way you can save space as well. You may find dead space on the walls of the bathroom. Think about the wall right behind the door, for example. This would be a good place to put a small cabinet to keep spare toilet rolls, soaps, and shampoo bottles. Have towel bars on the cabinet to hand dry and wet towels, separately. You can also keep your delicate clothes there to get dried as you can’t use a regular dryer for them.

  • Provide a spacious and new vibe

    Though space efficiency is the key advantage of the discount cabinets for the bathroom, they provide good aesthetics as well. A stunning good-looking cabinet unit in the bathroom can enhance the room from a mundane boring place to a bombastic one. The cabinets are available in Victorian, traditional, transitional, and contemporary sleek styles. They may come with Jack and Jill sinks. You can opt for a floor to ceiling cabinetry as well.  A loveseat facing the fireplace is another great addition if you have enough space. Your needs and wants can be fulfilled by a reputed cabinet dealer.

    discount bathroom vanitie

  • Don’t cost an arm and a leg

    Budget is what everyone must keep in mind while purchasing vanities for the bathroom. Custom vanities are expensive. However, for awkward spaces, you will find limited options left and semi-custom cabinets are one of them. However, they are not as flexible as the customized ones. You can change the door fronts and depth though. You may also think about having RTA or stock cabinets. They are more affordable in comparison to custom or semi-custom ones.

  • Keep the space organized

    Unlike shelves, it’s possible to keep the cabinets perfectly organized. You may use put-in baskets and pullouts to keep stuff in place. You can also use hooks inside the doors of the cabinets. Drawers can be another good option to keep them in order behind the closed door of the bathroom vanities. There are plenty of organizers in the market. Choose them as per your requirements and availability of space.

These are a few of the many benefits of having vanities in your bathroom.


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