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Some Important Things to Take Care of While Buying RTA Kitchen Cabinets

If you’re planning to invest in ready-to-assemble(RTA) cabinets, there are a few things that you must check before making a final buying decision. Let’s have a look at some of them.

  • Assembly – Though cam locks are not essential for imported RTA kitchen cabinets, some manufacturers provide a dado assembly that needs fasteners and glues to be screwed on. You will be surprised that some offer pocket screws for holding the units together. It might seem to be a minor issue initially; it can be huge over time. As the wood contracts and expands over the years, inferior construction leads to the separation of the panels. The cabinets may peel from the wall. Not only these, but you may also see many more alarming developments. So, be careful about the assembly and what accessories they use for the process of assembling.
    RTA Cabinets
  • Drawer fronts and doors–Are you looking for a special color? Can you finish an unfinished door on your own? In such cases, Chinese imported kitchen cabinets are rigid. Better you go for a domestic line in case you need exclusive doors or look for special doors such as inset. Choose the right RTA cabinets for your kitchen.
  • Hardware – As it comes to hardware, check if the glides are of superior quality and come with soft close which is common these days. Ask the vendor beforehand, how they deal with complaints about broken hardware or glides. What about the hinges? Are they of good quality and self-closing? The door hinges actuate hugely during its lifespan. And you surely won’t want to adjust the hinges now and then.
    Choose the right RTA cabinet
  • Finishes – Choose cabinets that use coatings made in the domestic market. RTA cabinets often come with horrible coating. Some finishes are poorly done while others are done beautifully. Hand-wiped stains are expensive owing to the material expenses and labor costs. But the difference is so vivid. And it is worth your money. Hand-wiped stains add an extra depth and richness that you can’t expect from the spray stains.

These are some of the most important things that you need to take care of while buying RTA cabinets.


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