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A Few Important Changes to Provide Your Old Cherry Cabinets with a Fresh Look

Cherry wood is adored for its unique color. The rich cherry color is blended with brown to give it a warm red hue. The wood is known for its clear grains as well which give it a smooth appearance. People often choose cherry wood for kitchen cabinets as they are sturdy and durable. However, the wood sometimes may feel outdated. Nevertheless, there are many options to give it a fresh new look.

cherry kitchen cabinets

Tips to modernize cherry cabinets

You can update cherry cabinets without refinishing or replacing them. There are many options that you can apply. Refreshing some of the existing elements can help you give the cabinets a modern look. Let’s check out what complements your old cherry cabinets.

  • Get new appliances – If you need to change the old appliances while looking for ways to update the existing cherry kitchen units, this might be the right time. Replace old appliances and give the kitchen a new look. It would be better to go for modern, shiny, and sleek pieces. Avoid getting something black as it can make the cooking space heavy and dark.
  • Replace the backsplash – This is one of the best ways to modernize the cherry units. Add a light-colored backsplash. It is great to add a white or neutral backsplash to refresh the kitchen. You may think about white subway tiles to add a clean texture to the kitchen.
    cherry wood kitchen cabinets
  • Swap out old hardware–Buy new hardware to modernize the old drab cherry wood cabinets. By replacing the hardware, you’re actually giving the entire kitchen a refreshed look and feel. But don’t change all of them at once. Go slow. Buy a couple of different options and try them out. As you bring them home, hold them against the cabinets to check if the combination clicks.
  • Repaint the island – If there is an island in the kitchen, repaint it and give the entire room a refresh. If there is no island but you have space to install one, buy an island to modernize the cherry kitchen cabinets while refreshing the overall area.

These are some of the effective ways to give your old cherry cabinets a modern look.


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